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Can you feel safe even when the police are 30-60 minutes away?

In the course of working with thousands of victims of property crime I came across so many misconceptions about what really works.  

    #1 Use a security camera system

    Good video with decent images is 200-500% more effective.  Erica, in the video, got help in less than 2 hours when she added images to her video.

    The value of security camera systems are dramatically underestimated.  I wish everyone in the world could see the overwhelming evidence we have that supports this.  

    Farms, yards, acreages YOU are the target

    Police are further away from rural properties and you have more things worth stealing.  This makes rural crime the easiest to get away with.  Statistics prove that's where crime is the worst.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  A security system can really help.

    Rural properties can turn being a target to their biggest advantage.  You see, while the criminal has left the yard they have a longer distance to get back to whatever hole they are going to hide out in.  Your friends and neighbours can be looking for them during this time if you have the right things in place.

    We experienced that roughly 50% of rural property's that do have security camera's have systems that are not working.   Ensure your property is not in this group.

    #2 Install motion detection lighting outdoors.  

    Too often cameras don't get a decent image.  And the reason why the camera didn't work is so simple.  They fail to get good footage when the lighting is bad.  One of the best solutions is to have decent motion detection lighting systems.

    Since retail camera systems are not sold with motion detection lighting, property owners often miss this step.  And they find out there is a problem after it is too late.  

    Recently Ring, owned by Amazon, started adding motion detection lighting to their outdoor security cameras.  This is validation that good lighting is really important.

    #3 24x7 monitoring is one of the best deals in the security industry.  

    To have a 24 hour monitoring service added to your security system is normally an extra $25-$50/mo.

    But the peace of mind and efficiency of having a dedicated service deal with an alert while you are sleeping or out of the house makes it an overwhelming good value.

    The other value of 24x7 monitoring is speed.  

    We will show in this guide how everyone near a crime can be instantly notified before the suspect even leaves the yard.  

    Isn't a doorbell camera good enough?

    The vast majority of the successes we've seen have come from people who own a security camera system and not a stand alone doorbell camera.  Websites of the doorbell camera makers like Ring and Nest are now focused on owning many cameras versus just one.  Getting many cameras is good.  But a system that ties many things together is even better.  Especially if you are a high risk.

    #4 Combine 24x7 monitoring with a few good sensors.

    A few well placed sensors that can send an alarm when your security system is activated is essential.  

    Here are some of the most important places to put them.

    • Where a door gets opened when the security system is armed
    • When a window at ground level gets opened when the security system is armed
    • At a long driveway when someone drives in.

    The problem with relying on camera motion detectors without these alarm systems is there is TOO much motion. People who have security cameras without sensors often develop a habit of ignoring the alerts. Most of the motion they pick up are people or animals who belong on the property.  This creates a lot of risk exposure.

    Unofficially - police departments were getting 70-80% false alarms.  They mandated double confirmations to stop these wasted alerts.  You should too.

    The RCMP mandated a double confirmation system from security system providers in 2018.  Before then alarms sent to the police by most systems were 70% false.  

    Take their experience and always add sensors to your security camera system.

    #5 Use Lightcatch, to crowdsource information.

    Lightcatch was designed to be 10x faster and up to 100x cheaper than traditional solutions in the case of property crimes.  It is a tool to crowdsource the information the community can provide in a safe legal way.  

    Experts tell us that when a community can safely collaborate together it helps make it a safer place.

    Our mission is to help get 10% or more of all adults using Lightcatch as the platform to keep their community safe.  In order to reach that goal we designed the app to be used less than 5 minutes per week by most people.

    Why Lightcatch is often 8x better than social media

    Can’t I just put a post on social media and get the same results?

    In our experience social media groups that allow posts of crimes have a 5% or worse success rate.  In May 2020 users on Lightcatch, who posted an alert within 1 hour of the incident, had a 40% success rate. This difference is 8 times better!  

    #6 Have 5% or more nearby use Lightcatch

    In Red Deer Alberta six stolen vehicles were recovered in 15 days from July-Aug 2020.  Less than 1% of the Red Deer population had the app.  So all these results can come with just a handful of active people.
    But we recommend you should try to have at least 3-5% of adults nearby using Lightcatch.  

    #7 Use SiteSafe

    SiteSafe is revolutionary.  It used to be that getting security camera information to the public took hours or days.  SiteSafe does it in seconds.  With SiteSafe you can show video to everyone nearby before a suspect even leaves the yard.

    Owners of this service send an email of a video clip and that's it.  An alert on the Lightcatch app is created for you within 60 seconds.  A 24x7 monitoring service can even send the email for you.

    Yes, we are biased because it is our innovation.  But for $75 per year the power it puts into the hands of homeowners is like nothing else.

    As an outsider to the industry I've become convinced property crime and crime prevention is a solveable problem.

    The free Lightcatch app has been used to crowdsource the return of millions of dollars of stolen items. All while we limited our growth to a small region of Canada.  But the app is just the beginning of what is possible.

    A movement is underway.  I hope you can join me in it.

    If enough people get involved the impact will be amazing.  Together we can help eliminate a huge amount of insurance claims costs each year. We can make a big difference in reducing lengthy court cases that go nowhere. These millions upon millions of dollars in theft related insurance claims, wasted policing costs, and lawyers fees are really paid for by us as taxpayers.  But a lot of it can be put to an end.  

    I often think about the old days when 'robbing a bank' used to be possible.  Nowadays, no one tries to rob a bank.  The systems banks put in place have made it too hard.  Property owners can use very similar technology to make their homes safe like banks make their buildings.  And the cost to do this has collapsed over the last 10 years.

    I'd love to get your feedback on this guide and how it has worked for you. You can reach me at hello@lightcatch.net.

    Let's go!

    Darren Boyer - Founder | CEO Lightcatch Network Inc.

    Lightcatch for Android

    Lightcatch for iPhone

    Here is how the whole system can work for you.

    Step 1) The security system is ‘activated’ when we go to bed or leave the property.

    Step 2) Someone decides to scope out the yard, with the intent of planning a theft.  In the process they activate an alarm sensor.

    Step 3) The 24x7 monitoring service sees the alarm from the sensor and connects to the cameras.  The motion detection lighting ensures the suspect is clearly seen.

    Step 3) The monitoring service verifies this is an intruder.

    Step 4) The double confirmation is the evidence police need to receive a dispatch call.

    Step 5) The monitoring company or the homeowner sends an email to SiteSafe of the clip.  Before the suspect leaves the driveway everyone with the app sees who was in their yard.

    Step 6) Someone nearby sees the suspect drive out of the driveway and adds which direction it went on Lightcatch.  
    Step 7) While the suspect has left one or two other property owners see the alert on Lightcatch and provide an updated location and direction of travel.

    Step 8) The police now have multiple confirmations that someone unwelcome is in the area and where the suspect is at.  They have confidence that acting quickly will be a good use of their resources.

    Step 9) Police meet the the vehicle and pull it over.  

    Step 10) The criminals decide this area is too hard to get away with crime and move on.

    Here is what implementing all seven steps will typically cost a residential property.  

    Security system - $2,000 - $5,000 ($50-80/mo on contract)

    Motion Lighting = $300
    Alarm system  - included with cameras
    Sensors - door sensor, window sensor. - included with security system
    24x7 monitoring - $40 per month
    SiteSafe - $8/mo

    Total Cost = $98/mo-136/mo. + $300 for motion lighting

    Estimated Cost - Seven Steps

    Download pdf Version

    of Guide

    What others are saying about Lightcatch

    I personally appreciate the speed and effectiveness of this platform. From my experience with Rural Crime Watch, I see massive opportunities here for instantly getting the public alerted to crime in their immediate area. I believe this is the way of future & it's at our fingertips.
    President of Alberta Rural Crime Watch Group  July 2020

    It would be my pleasure to give you a raving reference and support. County Councillor and President of Alberta Rural Crime Watch Group   February 2020

    I just want to say, I'm so happy to see this app. I feel so privileged to be front row to the birth stages of something that has the potential to transcend the app marketplace into a community movement! As one of our city councillors, Kari Gares, noted in the main forum, this app also brings the benefit of reducing the drama associated with facebook forum posts about things people see. It's just a clean elevation of awareness, something that benefits everyone whether they're using it or not.

    When my elderly neighbours who don't have a clue how to use a smartphone enjoy a better sense of safety in our community, it will mean we are all winning! Hope you're having a great day!


    Angie Clark – Shuswap Lakes Nov 2019
    Hi Darren , thanks for the info. When I first down loaded your app I was frustrated  trying to get things to work.  Didn't help matters that there was no one  around that had it. Once I started pushing my community  to get involved , it spread like wild fire. Now everyone has it I have noticed a big decrease  in notices about the bad crap that took over the North Shuswap lake side were I live. People are feeling a little more at ease. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful tool. You are making me and many others feel like we are getting our freedom back. I will check out your new upgrades.  You are my hero. Thanks Darren. Have a wicked day.  

    Here are samples of some of the fantastic things people have experienced by getting involved.

    Press Coverage