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Crime Prevention

Use Lightcatch to track suspicious activity and prevent crime before it happens.  Especially effective in urban areas.

Protect your community

Download the app before being frustrated and alone after a crime.


Designed after extensive consultation with policing and legal teams your identity and privacy are completely protected.

The best results are when an alert is created in less than 1 hour of an incident - as much as 86% success.

Case Study

Repeat offender gets surprised in the country

Platform to communicate

Step 2

Everyone within 20km is notified and can add any information at any time.

24x7 our Operations team reviews everything to ensure it is lawful and safe.

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Step 1

Create an alert

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Report information immediately to the police. Share updates with them via email or text from the Lightcatch app.

Step 3

Update the Police

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Personal Safety

Protect your property.  Protect your community.  Download Lightcatch today.

Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for Android

Lightcatch for iPhone

A free app for safe anonymous reporting of suspicious activity, property crime, danger, or missing people.  Supervised 24x7.

Lightcatch is proven to make homes and lives safer

Personal Safety

See where alerts are located.  No more confusing written addresses.

Lightcatch is bordeless.  Artificial boundary lines slow everything down but the criminals.

Theft, suspicious activity, missing person, Fires-danger, Vandalism, missing animals  

Nine vehicle thefts and multiple police jurisdictions!  Arrested within 48 hours of the first theft.  - Aug 2020

The results are astounding.  As much as 86% of all theft alerts have positive outcomes in the 8 Cities and Counties where free Admin support is provided by Lightcatch. (Nov 2020-Mar 2021)