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Home safety, personal safety. Worry free.

Improve home security as much as 1000%.

After analyzing thousands of property crimes we know most people’s security will fail them in ways they never expected.

By giving everyone nearby the ability to make an unmatched impact using their mobile phones, by removing the hidden failure points of property security, and then giving the property owners the ability to unlock the information in their security cameras world leading results can happen.

Unlike social media or chat groups that risk people’s safety and lock information in private silos away from the police, our technology is safe, faster, and built for the purpose of getting up to the second information to the police.

Get started with the free Lightcatch app.


Alyssa's Story

So many people started telling me about this app Lightcatch. ....I downloaded it, it's free, it's so easy to use and it's insane how kind everybody was on there.