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Darren Boyer, February 12 2022

15 Recoveries Jan 30-Feb 9

15 Stolen items put on Lightcatch were recovered in the 14 days between Jan 30-Feb 9.

Most of these recoveries were the work of Lightcatch app users who  may have spent less than 5 minutes updating the location of a stolen item on the app.   

These people were making a difference by making crime hard for the bad guys where they live.

Many of these success are also thanks to the RCMP and Calgary Police Service members who recommended Lightcatch.  

Is it this easy?

Yes it is this easy.  

These recoveries took very little time from app users and very little time on the behalf of the police.

Rather than wait for something to be stolen our same technology can also keep your home safe before crime happens.  We used the lessons seen from 1,000's of property crimes and the secrets a few homeowners were using to get more than 500% better results against criminals.  We call this service Crime Blocker and it is deadly against criminals.

Stop crime from costing you time, money or worse. Get real peace of mind for your home with Crime Blocker.

If you are a criminal reading this our recommendation is either quit or go find some place where people aren't using Lightcatch.   It's just not worth it anymore....

Written by

Darren Boyer

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