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Darren Boyer, December 31 2021

273% More Thefts Stopped.  Free.  Simple.

Did you know that if everyone in your community used Lightcatch, the recovery rate of stolen items would at least double from 19% to 42%(1)? That would be a 221% improvement in wins against the bad guys!

To go from 221% to 273% Is Really Simple

Things could really get better if all victims of theft reported the crime within 12 hours. Where victims report in under 12 hours with a clear description of what to look for, what happened, good images and clarity that the police are contacted, the recovery rate jumps from 221% better to 273% better!

When criminals start losing 273% more often, many are forced to either either quit, or try crime somewhere else.

Sadly, almost one in five take more than 12 hours after the fact to report. This kind of delay makes it too easy for the criminal.

People who already have Lightcatch, like yourself, are much more likely to report within minutes after the fact, versus the hours or days that a lot of other people take.

The more people that use Lightcatch to create warnings before crime happens, the harder it is for criminals to get away with theft. Help encourage people nearby to use Lightcatch as a tool to keep their property safe, before they are a victim of crime.

2021 - 12 Months of Success

The total value of all recovered items on Lightcatch was conservatively $2.5 Million in 2021.

Over 230 stolen items were recovered, thanks to the community and police working together.

On top of the 230 recoveries many other crimes were prevented where people actively reported suspicious activity on Lightcatch.

Share this post with others. Let’s make history in in this coming year!

Lightcatch for iPhone      |      Lightcatch for Android

(1)Areas with a 42% success rate either have 1% or more of the adult population using Lightcatch or a partnership with Lightcatch.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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