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Darren Boyer, August 7 2021

7x Criminals Lost This Week!

Imagine the feeling this criminal had as he casually drove this stolen truck into a yard. He didn’t know the whole time he was being followed....

When arrested the police found five other stolen vehicles. All of the thief’s work the last few weeks just went down the drain! If the criminal was stealing to try and pay off some drug or gambling debts it may be that street justice will find him before the courts do…..Ouch! 😲😬🚑☠️

Great Police Work

Thank you to the Edmonton Police Service Officer who saw this vehicle on Lightcatch and then made things happen to ruin this criminals plans!

These recoveries, plus two others in the last week, bring the total to over 163 stolen vehicles recovered in the last 9 months! (We haven’t had the time to count up the results from Aug – Oct 2020!)


Could you imagine your community being a place where thefts get reported so fast and accurately recoveries like this one, that was less than 48 hours, happens all the time? It is coming

Crime and vehicle accidents are being prevented on Lightcatch all the time….. Last Friday night, a driver under the influence, was arrested after being reported on the app in Central AB! 

When your community has fewer crimes and fewer injury related lawsuits savvy insurers will start reducing rates to get more customers. What if your insurance company had to start giving discounts because they knew their competitors were? It is coming….

Help make your community a safer place to live and work. The more people who use Lightcatch, the more it works.  

Written by

Darren Boyer

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