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Darren Boyer, March 4 2022

7 Recoveries Feb 10-Feb 23

7 stolen items put on Lightcatch were recovered in the 14 days between Jan 30-Feb 9.

Some  of these recoveries were the work of Lightcatch app users who  may have spent less than 5 minutes updating the location of a stolen item on the app.     Others were the result of police work alone.

Home safety is much easier if other homeowners around you are willing to spend 5 minutes per week using the free Lightcatch app.

Thank you to the RCMP members and the Calgary Police Service members who recommended Lightcatch the last two weeks!

Here are images of the recoveries.

10 Alerts Helped Stop Crime Before it Happened 

Ten other alerts were created before a crime happened on Lightcatch over this period (Feb 10-23).  Some of these alerts had others contribute information.  When there are multiple witnesses like this it can lead to very effective deterrence.  

The more property owners that help clarify information while these kinds of incidents are unfolding the  better the police can effectively respond.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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