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Darren Boyer, November 5 2021

Catalytic Converter Thieves Clean Out Calgarians of 1,000 Convertors worth a Cool $1Million

Can getting away with stealing others property over 1,000 times in one City really be this easy?

Thieves are so confident right now, one person just had their $1200 catalytic converter stolen at the Cross Iron Mills parking lot while shopping one afternoon. This was so easy, the thieves got away with it during daylight, at a mall, with patrolling security personnel and security cameras.  

Up from 300 the year before, thieves have damaged over 1,000 vehicles in 10 months.  One thousand catatytic convertors stolen by October, is over 100 per month. This is over three thefts per day.  Adding this up, thieves have cleaned out over $1 MILLION dollars from Calgarians, just in stolen car parts this year. These criminals are certainly proving most people’s home security is impotent.

This is probably just going to get worse, as supply chains for cheap synthetic drugs from overseas got cut off during COVID restrictions. Now that the restrictions are starting to lift, synthetic drugs are coming back. Crime is likely about to rebound in Calgary and all over the country.

Could home security at the properties these criminals hit, been so poor, so many times? Absolutely.

Here is the state of most people's home security.

Over 75% of 550 homeowners surveyed have home security that virtually assures the criminal will get away with whatever they attempt.
• Less than 1 in 1,000 crimes have clear video of the criminal and what was stolen.
80% of the thefts are reported over 1 hour late.

If you feel a doorbell camera, or a do it yourself system from Amazon, is the ticket to home security, you’ve never seen the data on how well that kind of a solution works.

Stopping a crime with one of those things, is liking someone trying to stop trying to a charging Rhino.

After examining thousands of property crimes I created a free quiz to help homeowners close the security gaps criminals use all the time. Go to score.lightcatch.net to see if there are security gaps at your home that criminals love to use.
The free report that comes after the quiz shows how to set up the best home security system, using almost any vendors products.

Rhino photo by Peter Heeling from https://skitterphoto.com/photos/2568/rhino

Written by

Darren Boyer

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