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Darren Boyer, April 18 2022

Some BAD advice? DO NOT use these tips to protect your home against theft!

This article provides theories that are supposed to prevent crime. The author writes “As we enter the spring and summer seasons, the Alberta RCMP want to urge homeowners to consider Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles when planning their home renovations and seasonal maintenance projects. “ Our data says these ideas sound nice but they no longer work. 
Tips to protect your home against theft

Take for example, the suggestion that lighting a property is effective. Some of the highest crime locations for property theft take place at well lit locations like these:

The other suggestion to trim your shrubs and trees back to be safer seems very dubious at best. A nicely manicured yard being a crime deterrent may have been a splendid idea when a lot of property crimes were done by a different generation 20-30 years ago. Today, most common crimes are initiated by drug related issues. The most prevalent drug being crystal meth. In the risk\reward calculation of a junkie needing the next crystal meth fix all they need is something worth $5-$10 on the street so they can get the next fix.

The next fix will keep them going for up to 30 hours. During that time they may not need to eat and they may not sleep. The point being, when they are looking for the next fix they aren’t looking for who has a well trimmed hedge and who doesn’t. Their impulses are much more primal and much less thought out. This means they just need the sunglasses in your car console, the change in your cup holder, or that bicycle on your front lawn.

Technology has advanced since the decade these theories were introduced. Here is a much more effective list of what is working today to protect your home from theft. 

 Done right, this approach can alert you and the police of a trespasser, even before a crime occurs.

Getting all of these steps working reliably and effectively is as much as a 1000% improvement in a properties level of safety.

We developed a solution to help people repair the holes they have in their home security using the existing equipment and vendors they have.

Called Crime Blocker, we are so confident this approach is not just a theory Lightcatch offers a money back guarantee if even one crime happens on your property.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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