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Darren Boyer, July 14 2021

How can we be safe if rural crime is attempted on our property?

Feeling safe should criminals come near is a common concern for families living a long distance from police detachments. Mothers, who at times are home alone, can feel especially vulnerable. It’s well known that repeat offenders and hardened criminals are often released after a short jail term, only to go right back to the same dangerous behaviour.

Families and property owners attending the County of Grande Prairie Rural Community Days in Wembley, Beaverlodge, and Hythe had free training and guidance on technology to keep their properties safer. Pictured is Jane Usunier, Ambassador for Community Safety and Leanne Van Wagner, President of Beaverlodge District Rural Crime Watch setting up in Beaverlodge on Wednesday July 14.

People like Jane can help families prepare the safety of their property that create real deterrence and instant information for the police to work with.  Normally, people who experience crime have a 5-20% likelihood of getting their stolen items back. The odds of an arrest and a conviction are even lower. But property owners who protect their property using our 7 Steps to Rural Home Safety Guide have as much as an 80% likelihood of getting anything stolen items back. The steps in the guide work even better for preventing crime before it happens.

Canada is the best country in the world for organized criminals, mafia expert says – CBC Oct 2020. Unfortunately Canada has developed an international reputation as the easiest place in the world to be involved in organized crime because so many charges get dropped and sentences reduced. What many don’t know is that 23 of the worst cities in Canada for crime are all in the western part of the Country near rural areas. And Rural properties around these crime zones are often worse than the 23 worst cities in the Country!

The likelihood of a timely arrest and charges that lead to sentencing also increase when people use the 7 Steps to Rural Home Safety Guide. Download your free copy today. 

Written by

Darren Boyer

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