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Darren Boyer, October 16 2021

Important Safety Update for Red Deer County

if you are a resident in Red Deer County let us know how you feel about the situation below.

We see the most proactive community create 22 times more warnings using Lightcatch than residents in your County. Red Deer, your neighbour, should also be a huge red flag. Of all the cities we are actively working in, Red Deer has the worst crime rate per 1,000 people and this City is within your borders.

If criminals are committing this many crimes near your property, why aren’t Red Deer County residents warning each other when they see something suspicious more often?

We can show several examples where crime has gone down in other regions after warning alerts on Lightcatch increased. It is time for Red Deer County residents to get the same benefits.  

Here is a great example of how residents in another County discouraged property theft at zero cost and in under 45 minutes.

If reporting of suspicious activity even doubled or tripled the rate it is now there would be less thefts, less damages and less criminals hanging around.

Get your home security right

The right kind of home security is the best way to capture suspicious activity 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Use your home security to help shut crime down before it happens.

The right kind of home security is also not common. Most people don’t believe me when I say 90% of the security ideas people have in place, will lead to frustration when a crime actually occurs, but we see the evidence day in and day out.  

Gaps in people's home security is partly why there are so few warning alerts that others can act on.

After examining thousands of crimes, I found a very small group were getting 500% better results, using simple low cost methods anyone can use. When you add those methods to Lightcatch you soon get a system that can quickly put criminals out of business.

Use this free quiz to see where there may be security blind spots at your home. You will get a free report how to setup the right security using any vendors services.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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