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Why This Councillor 'Broke' The Law

Darren Boyer, July 27 2022

Do criminals know the RCMP will not follow if they try a high speed escape to avoid being arrested? This County Councillor believes they do. Councillor Dale Hendrick followed a vehicle down the back roads of his County in July 2022 after seeing the man in the vehicle as the one caught on video from multiple break ins on his property!

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Trailer Theft-Why Some Lose and Some Win

Darren Boyer, July 25 2022

If you never, ever, want to see any expensive trailers you own stolen this case study is for you. I’m going to compare the theft of two enclosed double axle trailers that were both loaded with valuables stolen from the same city. One was recovered in 24hrs. The other looks to be a complete loss.

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WARNING: Hidden Crime Data Points To Safety Risk Ten Times Worse Than Expected

Darren Boyer, July 21 2022

How will I know when it is time to have the baby? That was the question my wife was asking several hours after being in the hospital delivery ward for the first time. It seemed like a good question to me. Our first child, later named Samuel, was over one week past the due date and neither of use knew what to do next.

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Four Mistakes Leading to Catalytic Converters Being Stolen

Darren Boyer, July 19 2022

Tens of thousands of catalytic converter thefts are taking place every year. These thefts cost the victim hundreds of dollars or more. ◼️ The Winnipeg Free Press in an article on Jul 13 expects Catalytic Converter thefts to increase 240% in 2022, costing insurers and ultimately vehicle owners in Manitoba, over $7,500,000 this year.◼️ ICBC in BC rep...

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Rural Crime Mistakes

Darren Boyer, July 18 2022

Rural crime is easier to stop when home owners avoid these crippling mistakes. Here is a recent example where a homeowner was awake just after midnight on a warm summer Friday night. Looking out on the road he noticed something strange. In the truck he noticed, people would shine a large directional light down each of the driveways and into the y...

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Follow The Money

Darren Boyer, July 15 2022

You know the saying ‘Follow the money’.  When it comes to who loses money and who makes money when crime happens, a clear pattern emerges. Below I’m going to list people and organizations who touch crime.  Many of them are in place to protect and defend the public. Beside that list I’m going to describe how the money flows.

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Here’s The Perfect Solution While Away on Holidays

Darren Boyer, July 12 2022

It’s too bad so many people are nervous about having to stay connected while away travelling. Hopefully the family and I can enjoy some time by Lake Okanagan this summer. When I’m there don’t expect me to pick up my phone. I leave the phone back at the mother in law’s farm, when heading to the beach. Looks like it's already 26 there today. Nice!

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Replies-Why Homeowners Should Know Where Their Local Crime Rate Ranks

Darren Boyer, July 11 2022

The basic premise of the article was if your crime rate is really low, keep doing what you are doing.  If the crime rate is very high, know that there is some underlying cause that can be dealt with effectively. As homeowners, we are the single biggest driver to property safety, over and above the quality of the laws, the police, the judicial syste...

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Why Homeowners Should Know Where Their Community Crime Rate Ranks

Darren Boyer, July 8 2022

An RCMP officer emailed me with an introduction “I’d like you to meet Sheila, she is from xxxxx Town and is going to be looking after crime prevention. Sheila would like to be part of the meetings every month.” Guess how many emails Sheila replied to? (zero)Guess how many meetings Sheila attended? (zero)Guess whose community now has one of the wors...

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Crime Trends Across Alberta

Darren Boyer, July 7 2022

Why Homeowners Should Care What Crime Is Like In Other Regions These comparisons and rankings are meant to help homeowners improve the home security of their property. If some regions of similar geography, population and economics can have a very low crime rate, while others are experiencing chronic problems, it would make sense that the high crime...

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