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A more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Darren Boyer, January 26 2021

Your safety is directly connected to how well people are watching over the safety of their community near you. If 100 items got stolen in your community how many would be returned via policing and community engagement? This number is really important. If that number is above 75% that means crime can hardly stay in business. Above 75% means all th...

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Volunteer superstars

Darren Boyer, December 30 2020

Stopping these criminals and getting this stolen car back was so surprising. Someone happened to remember a White Toyota Corolla was stolen 26 days earlier. They created a new alert, because the old one had expired.  This is amazing!  After that volunteer superstar created the alert the stolen car was then spotted two more times within the next 48...

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Stolen 5am while standing on the passenger side brushing the snow off

Darre, December 29 2020

When it’s 5:40am and your brushing the snow off your car in a parking lot no one is expecting someone to steal your vehicle right in front of you. That was exactly what happened on Dec 22. By 8:30am it was on Lightcatch. And then the car seemed to dissappear.  No one saw the car in Red Deer that day.

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Keep thefts visible to the public and the police

Darren Boyer, December 17 2020

Dec 15, 2020, 7am, this car was stolen. By Dec 23 it was recovered. It should have been recovered much sooner than the 8 days it took. This incident was marked recovered Dec 17, two days after the first alert. It looked like it was the second recovery in Red Deer between midnight and 6am that day.

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