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Greenview Partners with Lightcatch

Darren Boyer, June 10 2021

Starting today, sharing possible crimes in action with neighbours is easier in the Municipal District of Greenview. A collaborative partnership has been launched with Lightcatch to help reduce rural crime rates, increase community awareness and collaboration using the free Lightcatch app. Everyone who works or lives within Greenview will have the a...

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5 Witnesses on Victoria Day

Darren Boyer, May 29 2021

One day everyone's property will be protected like this. Monday 3:54pm - "…. Literally was just stolen from outside my house in Gibbons at 3pm. They smashed the windows and took off with it and a get away truck. The get away truck had been found torched in The Hewitt estates area. …Cops are notified"

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County of Grande Prairie Rural Crime Watch Project

Darren Boyer, May 19 2021

The County of Grande Prairie has kicked off a 12 month program with The Beaverlodge District Rural Crime Watch and Lightcatch. This program is expected to help reduce rural crime rates and increase community safety by providing a free app and free additional services that County residents can use to prevent or stop crime.

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Is your community healthy or unhealthy?  How to tell

Darren Boyer, May 1 2021

It’s amazing what a difference there is between a healthy, safer community compared to an unhealthy community.  We examined data across multiple cities and areas in Western Canada over several months. Unhealthy Community – 74% failure rate In unhealthy communities, people warn one another before crimes half as frequently as in healthy communities.

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A simple message to thieves

Darren Boyer, April 14 2021

Look at these examples of failure from just one small city in the last week.   Stealing stuff doesn’t work like it used to.  Get used to failing or get some professional help to get out of the rut you are in. It used to be you could get away with stealing 70% of the time. The arrests, if they ever came took a long time.  Now you can only get away...

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Cities and Counties where 80% of thefts fail

Darren Boyer, April 6 2021

Residents in these 3 Cities and 9 Counties have made criminals change their behaviour. They've done that by having so many thefts end up in good outcomes these areas are being avoided. Over 80% of the thefts reported on Lightcatch in these places had a positive resolution. This level of success was for alerts created within 1 hour of the incident...

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Everyone should learn to use the fears criminals have

Darren Boyer, April 1 2021

How fear affects criminals minds is a simple concept that anyone can use to protect their property better. It’s helpful to recognize that the drug trade loves to exploit the weak and vulnerable through intimidation. For example, a man with a habit, who has a drug dealers gun to his head, and is being told his debts to the dealer are due now gets...

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Problems with 911

Darren Boyer, March 20 2021

Issues with 911 are a touchy subject. For the sake of your safety here are some important ways to make sure any calls made to 911 go well. 75% of all crimes are reported to the RCMP after the fact. This was according to an RCMP Superintendent in Alberta in Aug 2020.  Plus, 911 calls can not receive video or images.

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Tired of looking at a mess like this?

Darren Boyer, March 15 2021

These photos were said to be taken upstream from the Counties water supply, just off a public walking trail. One of the reasons these kinds of things are allowed to continue is that the root cause creators don't have to pay for the costs that come from it. Because it doesn’t cost the real creators anything, THEY DON’T CARE.

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Please don't tell the lawyers

Darren Boyer, March 6 2021

This week someone stole an ambulance, drove it through three towns, several counties, across two massive bridges, and only stopped because they hit the ditch.  And there is so much more to this story. Someone pulled over to help.   The good samaritan soon found their vehicle was the next one to be stolen by the ambulance driver and that they were...

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