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Darren Boyer, March 11 2022

Predicting Your Home Safety in 10 Easy Steps

In order to predict the safety level of your home and have you believe it as useful and accurate I need to provide some background information.

These criteria came after reviewing thousands of property crimes and watching dozens of homeowners, non-profit organizations, elected officials and more wanting crime to be lower where they live but not clearly knowing how to do it.

First, look at this the chart below. It shows how homeowners in some cities live with a much higher crime rate than other places month after month.

Also review this chart for rural property owners. Again, it shows how some homeowners are having to live in much more unsafe conditions than others month after month.

I believe when a crime ecosystem is healthy and thriving the crime rates stay high. The opposite also happens. When conditions make crime difficult the crime rate stays low.

To help give property owners a clear step by step path to living safer I’ve created something called a Community Safety Score. This is what the Community Safety Scores would look like for these urban areas listed in the first chart.

Red Deer has 2 of the 10 steps in place for a 20% score. Grande Prairie has 1 out of the 10 steps for a 10% score and so on. This doesn’t yet look like 10 steps to predict your home safety but also look at the Community Safety Scores for these rural locations below.

The County of Grande Prairie has done 4 out of the 10 steps for a 40% score. People living in this County have also been enjoying the lowest overall crime rate over this period. Parkland County has done 6 out of the 10 steps for a 60% score. Those property owners in Parkland County have been in the second lowest crime region.

If the Community Safety Score where you live was 80-100% I’m very confident the crime rate would drop significantly. Everyone’s homes and property would be so much safer.  Most of these steps are also free.

If the Community Safety Score where you live was 80% or higher I’m very confident the crime rate would drop.  Homes and property would be so much safer.

If you are a homeowner and want to know how to make your home safer Lightcatch provides a service called Crime Blocker that will automatically deliver steps one and two on this list. Those two steps are actually the most important of all 10.

Sometimes Crime Blocker is able to use the existing security that is already onsite but we help close the gaps that criminals use to get away with crime. See how Crime Blocker could deliver a safer home for your property.

To help people learn how to get the steps 3 -10 on this list completed I have also started a free online group called Community Crime Shield. Please recommend this group to anyone who could benefit. The results for those communities that get these steps done are going to help so many people!

Written by

Darren Boyer

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