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Darren Boyer, March 20 2021

Problems with 911

Issues with 911 are a touchy subject. For the sake of your safety here are some important ways to make sure any calls made to 911 go well.

Workflow of a typical 911 call regarding a property crime

What happens with calls to 911

75% of all crimes are reported to the RCMP after the fact. This was according to an RCMP Superintendent in Alberta in Aug 2020.  Plus, 911 calls can not receive video or images.

The data shows that the majority of homes and businesses are not able to report to the police until hours after the fact.  Yet the technology to enable instant reporting is low cost and widely available

Even on Lightcatch 83% of all theft related alerts were over 1 hour after the crime.  The average was over 12 hrs late.  This was between Nov 2020 to Jan 2021. 

What can happen when 911 is needed 

To send an email to Lightcatch of the video clip takes less than 3 seconds to complete. Good video leaves no doubt what to look for. Everyone, including police officers who use the app, instantly see up to date information.
Don't let this happen to you

1. Report alerts instantly with SiteSafe.  For best results use the guides below so your security is high enough quality to use SiteSafe even before a crime takes place.

2 . Review the free 7 Steps to Property Safety guides to ensure your security vendor’s products are able to report clearly and instantly.

Urban property - Safety guide

Rural property - Safety guide

If you ever need to call 911 ensure there is no delay in getting your footage and information out to the public.  77% of the theft alerts less than 1 hour old have gotten good outcomes over the last four months.  The ability of Lightcatch to stop property crime is proven. Get SiteSafe today.

Together, I hope we can help 911 calls get better results than ever before.

Your feedback is welcome.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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