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Darren Boyer, April 14 2022

RCMP warn gas theft is booming and may get worse

"Given the current price of gasoline, and the potential for prices to continue to rise throughout the spring and summer, we anticipate these thefts may continue.”  April 9, 2022

This recent article explains how common this kind of theft has become.  https://westernstandardonline.com/2022/04/rcmp-say-gas-theft-is-booming/

Stopping this kind of theft happens all the time when property owners know how to use technology the right way. These kinds of crimes aren’t very sophisticated. 

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Bad Advice - Examples

Some of the worst suggestions we hear over and over are to follow CEPTED principles to secure your property.  

CEPTED or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design reports will tell the poor homeowner to fence their property, light their property and secure the fuel with locks.  This guidance may have worked 20 or 30 years ago but this advice has long since expired in it's usefulness.  

After analyzing thousands of property crimes our data shows some of the most dangerous, unsafe locations have lots of lighting, fencing and the items secure.  

Written by

Darren Boyer

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