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Darren Boyer, July 11 2022

Replies-Why Homeowners Should Know Where Their Local Crime Rate Ranks

A recent email to Lightcatch users discussing why every homeowner ought to know how their local crime rate compares with other places got a lot of feedback.  

The basic premise of the article was if your crime rate is really low, keep doing what you are doing.  If the crime rate is very high, know that there is some underlying cause that can be dealt with effectively.  

As homeowners, we are the single biggest driver to property safety, over and above the quality of the laws, the police, the judicial system, the political condition and so on.  When you can see other locations with the same laws, same police force, and same economics have a much lower crime rate there is no reason the situation has to remain the way it is.  https://www.lightcatch.net/blog/why-homeowners-should-know-where-their-community-crime-rate-ranks

Here are some of the replies.

Sheila – Grande Prairie Region

I received your email and yes it is a great email. I feel guilty reading it but I also want to let you know that I have some huge family issues happening……

Please keep me in the loop via emails and I will try to get others involved. Hope you are keeping well. Thank you again for helping us with crime.

Carmela – Edmonton Region

Thank you for doing what you do-and trying to help our Communities. I realize that you can’t do it all- people also need to make a commitment to help for it to work, but as for Sheila-pathetic.

Duane – Central Alberta

Thanks Darren.

Interesting stats.
We have a tight knit group of farms and acreages in a given radius.
We send out vehicle alerts and let our neighbors know when we will be away.
I have been catching up with my neighbors about your Light Catch App. as well.

It is great to see someone like yourself taking the right steps.
We all have to learn to quit blaming the police and our courts.

We need to help build better communities. 

From Saskatchewan

My issue is with it saying it's Regina information and then having nothing about Regina. If it was upfront about it being statistical Alberta data, that would be just fine. 

Answer - Working On It

If you are from BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, or Nova Scotia I recognize our reports on Alberta crime rates aren’t the most useful.

F.C. From Peace River Region

I'm in High Prairie but I do not see data on the graphs for High Prairie and County of Big Lakes. Do you have that data? Thanks

Answer - August

We can work on including those places going forward in August's report. Last month someone asked about Slave Lake and I included it. Knowing someone is reading the report and wants to know about a certain place really helps.

Anonymous – Peace River Region

For some reason this area does not use light catch when suspicious vehicles are reported to the RCMP.


To counteract the issue of people not reporting suspicious vehicles in an area I made a service called Crime Blocker. This provides a guaranteed crime free experience at your home regardless of what others do. Basically, for $20/mo after the initial setup, you can have complete peace of mind and protect all of the assets at once on your property.

With Crime Blocker, Lightcatch app users nearby become a nice to have, that just reduce suspicious activities around you and that prevent fewer cases of the Crime Blocker service ever needing to kick into action.

Here is an overview of that service - http://shop.lightcatch.net/crime-blocker

Dave – Central Alberta - Life in my piece of the county

I haven’t talked to you for a while so I thought I would reach out and let you know what has been going on here….

Our little response group out here has multiple arrests to our record recently and we work well with the police. They have said 99.9 % of our calls end in results and arrests……

We often gather evidence or link crimes to crooks and sometime find where the crooks are. I know I need a better hobby…..

There is always a trail, you just need to identify it then follow.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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