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Darren Boyer, March 18 2022

Safe Community Examples Feb 24-Mar 9

Here are some examples of how community members warned everyone nearby in the 2 weeks of Feb 24-Mar 9.

Also included are some of the theft recoveries between Feb 24-Mar 9 on Lightcatch.

The 1st step in improving Community Safety  is to have at least twice the number of alerts made before a crime happens versus after a crime occurs. Where this happens the crime rate is often in the bottom ½ of peer regions.

Theft Recoveries Feb 24 - Mar 9

Here is a collection of stolen items where an alert was put on Lightcatch.  A safe community will recover over 50% of the stolen items. 

A safe community will also have over 50% of the victims  create alerts that are clear to understand, within 1 hour of the crime, have useful video and will have pictures of the suspect(s) involved and the items stolen.

Homeowners wanting their property and loved ones to be safe should use the Crime Blocker system to enjoy security that is worry free.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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