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Darren Boyer, June 26 2021

The Financial Burden Group

Here's an example of some theft locations for May.

The Money Saving Group

Most of the communities in this list also create a lot of suspicious activities.  Those suspicious alerts were created within 1 hour of the event 83% of the time. This fast reporting often got multiple witnesses and police involved.  This type of crime prevention takes place at almost zero cost. 

The Financial Burden Group

Take a look at this summary below. It shows areas criminals have learned to target.

Even though residential homes have the most people and property, the rest of the areas are more targeted relative to how many of those locations are in number.  These other locations have too many people who are part of The Financial Burden Group.

How can The Money Saving Group report suspicious activities within 1 hour yet The Financial Burden Group take over 12 hours to report thefts? If one group can report in under 60 minutes, so should the other group be able to. 

This costs everyone. These costs to society are so high a senior police officer told me 40% of all Alberta’s policing costs are from the top 100 criminals in the province! Those criminals wouldn't be such an enormous burden without so many people being part of The Financial Burden Group.

The Financial Burden Group usually doesn't get involved unless they want something.  I have no problem with people or organizations who don't get involved.  I just want The Financial Burden Group to pay for their enormous share of the problem.  We now have data that is starting to make their behaviour very visible.

Help others be part of The Money Saving Group

Let's get as many as we can to be part of The Money Saving Group.  Property and vehicle insurance claims are already being lowered where enough people are part of The Money Saving Group.

Recommendations for The Money Saving Group

Less than 1 in 1000 thefts upload a clear video of the suspect.  Those clear videos normally take hours after the fact to be added.

Yet, the few people who upload clear video get 500% better outcomes.  In these free guides I show what I was taught from security professionals on how to always get great video.  I then show how anyone with email on their phone can send that video to Lightcatch in 3 seconds. Money Saving Group type people can use these guides to make their property safer.

Free Guide -7 Steps to Home Safety
Free Guide- 7 Steps to Rural Home Safety

I'd love to hear your feedback about the The Money Saving Group & The Financial Burden Group. You can reply to this email or send a message to hello @ lightcatch (.) net.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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