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Darren Boyer, June 7 2022

Trusting Rural Homeowner Pays A Heavy Price

A Parkland County resident is waiting for the justice system to go to work and help them after their vehicle was stolen at gunpoint on June 1.

We are told two of the three criminals look like this

The man on the left may have brown or red hair. One of these people may have their arm in a sling. There is a third criminal but it isn't clear what they look like.

Waiting for the police to find out who robbed you at gunpoint five days later must be an uncomfortable feeling.

We found far too many homeowners leave their safety to a vague hope that everything will be fine.

It may seem very cold to say this, but business advisors often use the term ‘Hope is not a good strategy.’ When it comes to home safety hope is also not a good strategy.

After analyzing close to 10,000 property crimes we found preventing crimes like this can be done far more often than what is currently happening.  

Technically, providing all of this information instantly to the police is simple and straightforward.   Armed with clear facts, pictures and video of the crime the police don't need to wander around the county aimlessly.  They can avoid wasting their time and doing paperwork by getting out and catching some bad guys right as a crime like this is unfolding.  

Slow motion police work works well on tv, because the long stories give the tv company time to sell ads.  In the real world, property crimes are too frequent and too expensive to have a slow motion investigation that is any good.  

For property crimes, home safety needs to be able to move as fast or faster than the criminal.

If criminals are determined to try a robbery at gunpoint like this, getting them arrested and caught in minutes, rather than trying to get help 5 days later, is how they can be stopped.

The cost to have this kind of protection is likely far easier to deal with than the cost of being robbed at gunpoint.  

I was so tired of seeing victims ask for help after the fact, I decided Lightcatch needs to help people get their property security setup in ways that don't leave them with just hope. 

We have a video at this page that shows how Crime Blocker can help use almost any home security system to stop crime, it just needs to be configured the right way.

CTV News article - https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/jeep-stolen-at-gunpoint-from-parkland-county-acreage-1.5935282


Written by

Darren Boyer

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