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Darren Boyer, July 4 2022

Ethical Ways To Make A Judge Squirm

The first thing that caught my eye is that the report said a search warrant had been issued and a team of police had closed Highway 41 for five hours. Why does a Highway need to be closed for five hours to arrest just one person I wondered? 

After the day was over, Jeffery Fendelet (47) had been charged with 36 crimes.

Exactly one before that, in June of 2021, a team of police arrested this same man.  At that time he was served up 12 similar charges. 

I guess the Judge in Bonnyville didn’t feel the first 12 crimes required any consequences from the law. He was let back out on the streets to hurt some more people.

We’ll see if the running total of 48 crimes in less than 13 months, is now enough for the good Judge to consider this person to be a danger to society. 

Perhaps the Judge prefers to have Bonnyville residents suffer a little longer. Maybe after 60 or 70 charges are piled up, and someone gets killed, will the safety of the people be taken more seriously.

This isn't a one time incident of mismangement.

Bonnyville and Eastern Alberta live with the worst crime rates in the Province.

Just look at what the people are going through in that region.

Residents in the Town have had to live with a crime rate 2-3x higher than people who live in the cities like Edmonton or Calgary ever deal with. 

Welcome to small town Alberta, where homeowners pay for crime and suffer silently.

Ever See a Judge Squirm?
(They Squirm in a Calm Way)

No one needs to suffer being the next victim against someone as dangerous as Fendelet. 

The way to make a Judge squirm, is to make them worry about their career and their political future. The Judge needs to feel they have no other option than to prosecute the law.

Can someone influence a Judge? It's pretty easy, but you have to ready in advance.

Most of the time a Judge won’t even speak to anyone about the law, let alone an actual case outside of court. Yet despite these obstacles, influencing a Judge can be done, it is perfectly legal and very satisfying.

The way to make a Judge squirm about your case is to have clear video footage of a crime and then have an arrest take place almost immediately.

Then to help turn up the heat on the court system, share the excellent video of the criminal on social media and with the local press. The public loves to see a criminal be made publicly accountable.  They will be all too happy to play along.  

This footage will get around and will be almost ‘buzzing’ in the Judge’s ears when the case comes to trial.

The Evidence Judges Squirm And Deliver Justice When The Pressure Is On

This may sound like a theory.  It isn't.  

When there is clear color video footage of a suspect in a crime we've seen repeat offenders get real jail time.  

It was one case in particular where it was a very short court trial, and the sentencing was far more than similar charges against a really prolific thief, when I began to see there was a path to having criminals see consequences from crime that most people were never seeing.

Proof Judges Deliver Justice When Squirming - Case 1

This is exactly what happened in the unfortunate case of George Floyd.

Filmed in Minneapolis, in the custody of several police officers, and declaring he couldn’t breathe, he passed away after being held for over 9 minutes in a dangerous position. The shocking video of the event was already exploding on Twitter the same day of his death.

The public and people of color have complained about mistreatment at the hands of police for years.

It took just one nine minute video of undeniable proof to change everything.

No judge involved in this case was lenient.  Every suspect received sentencing.  

Whether warranted or not, the Judge's at these trials behaved in a way that would be exactly how someone would act if they were worried about their own career, and would therefore deliver what the public wanted.

Proof Judges Deliver Justice When Squirming - Case 2

San Francisco is filled with horror stories of its decline.  Some of the press point to the cities policies that welcome the homeless with $800 per month support and often free housing.

Yet despite the shocking statements, and displays of people no longer being safe, we have this statement buried in the bottom of an article.

From the Marina Times:

So why wasn’t the case dismissed after Assistant D.A. George indicated to Carmignani’s lawyer that it would be? Likely because of the public outrage generated when the rumors hit social media and the local news, with Carmignani granting his first on-camera interview to reporter Betty Yu of KPIX.

The case wasn't dismissed like so many before it because there was enough public pressure.  Usually this pressure needs a good video to really heat up, but not always.  

Unfortunately, the majority of the property crimes that take place are a lot less sensational that a former fire chief like Carmignani almost getting beat to death by a meth addict with a steel pipe.  

If we can't make the news like he did, there won't be the same outrage on social media.  The Judge will then be under no pressure.

I once had a video of an adult male walking up to an outdoor table at a Dairy Queen and in front of three youth sitting at the table steal one of their bicycles.  The youth yelled and pulled on the bicycle enough that eventually the addict gave it back.  

The thief was identified so quickly and so many thousands of people shared and supported the youth there would have been no way that thief would have not had charges laid if he had continued with the theft.  

I suspect even a bicycle theft can influence the courts if the video is good enough and the arrest fast enough.

Failure Points - Why A Judge May Not Feel Any Pressure

Where most people don’t get these results is because there is no arrest right away.  

Without the immediate arrest, there is a much weaker case. 

Most of the arrests don't happen quickly because the proof of the crime is often not very clear right at that moment.

When an arrest takes places immediately, at the time of the crime or just afterwards, plus there is positive clear video shared widely, there can be such overwhelming evidence that the defense lawyer doesn’t have a lot of leverage to get the charges dropped and the case thrown out.   Neither will the Judge want to risk their reputation, even if the government has given them some secret agenda to not really truly enforce the law.

Most property owners fail at getting similar kinds of results because they almost never get all of the pieces of the system to work together fast enough. We’ve found that to have the system work at this speed, more than security cameras are needed. The average owner of a security camera system is not able to report a crime on their property in under eight hours.

I hope you can help get this message out. Making a Judge squirm is far too satisfying to keep this to ourselves.

Crime Blocker will ensure any video of a crime on your property is clear.  Over 90% of crime footage isn't clear.  It will also ensure your property has a system where the police are empowered to act immediately.  

The difference is a ten times improvement in home safety.  Learn more.

Thanks to Lakeland Connect for the source of the story -

Written by

Darren Boyer

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