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Councillors, a path to improve citizen safety in 6 months.

Communities have looked for ways to improve citizen safety and combat crime. Too often, the results have lead to low engagement and no real control over the issue.  Admin support for Lightcatch produces a tangible difference.

The police tell you under reporting is a problem and they can’t do anything if no one tells them what is going on.  

People tell you they don’t feel safe and you need to do something with the budget that goes to policing.

Others tell you organized crime is operating freely and repeat offenders are back as if there are no consequences to the law.

Criminologists tell you that crime is a complex issue and the answers aren't easy.

Despite the challenges something can be done to improve citizens quality of life right now.  This comparison shows what is possible.


Admin Support and Lightcatch

Current situation

Thefts reported within 1 hour of the crime

60-87% had a positive outcome Nov 2020-Jan 2021

Does anyone even measure how many good outcomes take place?

Thefts reported over 1 hour

46-58% success in Nov 2020-Jan 2021


Suspicious and dangerous behaviour that people see and rarely report

Increasing every month as more and more people know alerts on Lightcach work


Consequences for crime

Many repeat offenders arrested and in jail within 6 months of Admin support starting in an area

Why would they move to another area? Nothing here to make them want to leave.

Victims of crime

Instructed on what to do and how to follow up with police as information comes in.

Left on their own waiting for the RCMP officer who has the file to come back on shift.


Instructed in real time on how to improve their input and when to contact the police.

They read about what happened a couple days later in the paper or on social media. They are then left on their own to find a detachment and report what they have seen when they can find the time to do so.

Existing spend on policing

How much of your operating budget is being lost to this issue?  5%, 10%, 20%...

Existing crime prevention programs

See results within 6 months

Are they moving any metrics?  Are results better than you peer's benchmarks?

Areas with Admin support for Lightcatch are clearly getting better results than areas without Admin support. Listen to these testimonials to better understand why Admin support is so effective.

Both Alyssa and Jackie remember how much of a difference it made when the Admin team reached out.  When dealing with a stressful situation like crime people need help.  But too often they are left on their own.  That is where we can step in and offer guidance using principles we know that work.

Out Admin team is currently serving 8 counties and cities in western Canada for free.   Those regions will lose free Admin support when they are replaced with customers.

What you get when hiring Lightcatch for your City or County

A much higher level of community engagement.  

Engagement that is productive, professional and a strength to the community.

A faster response from policing for issues that arise

Actionable information will be provided sooner strengthening all of the police resources

Lower property crime levels.  Within 6 months.

Lower crime levels have been achieved in 3 distinct geographies.  

The cost

The cost to produce these results is low enough most communities can redirect existing program budgets.  Some communites may even lower their overall crime prevention budget. There are people in your community who need your help.  Admin support for Lightcatch is an alternative that is making a difference right now.

Book a 30 minute appointment below to speak with the Founder and CEO Darren Boyer.  We expect 20 Canadian municipalities can be onboarded before June 30, 2021.
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