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of the time the police are called after a crime is over.  

This is called discovered crime.  It gives the criminals the headstart they use to stay in business.


  1. There may be alarms go off but they aren't noticed.
  2. The crime may be on security cameras but nothing is done with it.
  3. Hours or days go by. Then someone realizes a crime took place.
  4. The police get called and are asked to ‘go find them’.
  5. If the crime ever does get to court these time delays create so many alibis and reasonable doubts the Judge often has no choice.  'Dismissed'

The problem is

Most crimes occur and the are police contacted after the crime is over.

  1. An alarm company or property owner should  see alarms from sensors immediately.
  2. When sensors are tripped the cameras are checked right away.
  3. The police are called while something is happening.
  4. The information is sent to Lightcatch and an alert is made. #1-#4 could be as fast as 60 seconds.
  5. Before the criminals have left the yard people nearby see the footage on the free Lightcatch app.
  6. Those people crowdsource the criminals movement safely and legally until the police can make an arrest.

Let's fix this!

Proven 200-500% better.
Crowdsourcing suspects like this stolen vehicle was tracked over 4 days until recovered happens on Lightcatch.

Get help within seconds.

Send camera footage to Lightcatch in 3 easy steps.




Open the security camera app

Type SiteSafe in the To field.  Press Send.  Done.

Everyone nearby sees the  alert on Lightcatch.


Press share or email


$7 per month

$75 + 3 $25

referral coupons

SiteSafe - What you get

  • Email any video footage from your security camera system's mobile app to Lightcatch.
  • Our proprietary technology instantly knows what location that should be posted from and creates a post for you.
  • Every Lightcatch user nearby is notified. This can be thousands of people who instantly know what to look for.
  • Good for 1 location like a home or business or work site, 4 posts per year.
  • You or your security company can click 'send' to Lightcatch users nearby 24/7.
  • Works with almost all systems - Wyze, ADT, Nest, Ring, Vivint, Arlo, Hikvision, Telus, Blink etc

No Risk Offer

As the founder of Lightcatch I need your help to be able to prove adding SiteSafe transforms how people have the power right now to stop or deter crime.

The Lightcatch app is free.  Use it to crowdsource information anywhere anytime.

Use SiteSafe to push your camera footage to Lightcatch and have a professional help create that alert instantly.

If you ever feel SiteSafe isn't helping cancel it at any time.  There is no risk.

A movement

Our mission is to transform property crime and personal safety.  When people start using Lightcatch we've proven the crime rate can be lowered.  SiteSafe is another leap forward.  And we won't stop until we you can see lower insurance rates and lower lower costs where you live.  Please try SiteSafe today and support the innovator, the dreamer.

All the best, Darren