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What really works to protect our homes and property?

These two families got very different results when crime hit their home.  I use their stories as an example of what really works.  It is possible to see repeat offenders arrested and jailed.  Use this information to help prevent crime and see a criminal be sentenced if they ever do try something on your property.

Farms, yards, acreages you especially are the target.

    The police are often further away.  There are also more items worth stealing like quads, boats, trucks, tools, etc.  

    To make matters worse there are police boundary lines that the criminals easily cross back and forth but police departments sometimes can’t. Statistics prove rural areas is where crime is the worst.  

    But it doesn't have to be that way.  

    As an outsider to the industry I've become convinced property crime and crime prevention is a solveable problem.  

    The free Lightcatch app, I invented and funded, has been used to crowdsource the return of millions of dollars of stolen items. All while we limited our growth to a small region of Canada.  But the app should be just part of a crime prevention system to get the best results.

    Using this guide any property owner can expect to:

    • Improve their personal safety dramatically
    • Reduce property related insurance claims or loss from property theft.
    • Reduce time spent with police departments after a suspicious activity or property crime that goes nowhere.
    • Avoid seeing repeat offenders get off without a conviction.

    Most of the items recommended have no financial benefit to our company.  But after carefully measuring and analyzing data for over three years and thousands of cases we know they work.  

    It’s time for the system to change.

    I'd love to get your feedback on this guide and how it has worked for you.  You can reach me at hello @ lightcatch.net

    Darren Boyer - Founder | CEO Lightcatch Network Inc.

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