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7 Steps to Rural Home Safety

I'm convinced property crime is a solveable problem.  I've also learned that farms, acreages, and yards in rural locations are the #1 target.  This guide explains how to stop it.

Developed after hours of consultation with security experts, policing veterans, property owners, criminologists and more.  After a while, I learned a few security professionals were using low cost technology in ways that made so much sense, but almost no one was ever doing.  

I measured their advice over thousands of crime alerts to see how successful their recommendations would be.   The results were astounding.  People who had these things in place got 400%-500% better results!  

Professionals use technology in ways most people never do.  They build systems that all work together in case any one of them would fail.  Those systems work well even when the owner is sleeping or away.

All 7 steps in the guide work even better than the original 4 step system that was taught to me.

Download the guide today and enjoy the benefits of knowing your rural property is well protected. - Darren, CEO & Founder

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