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Every Volunteers Contribution Counts

Every time a member of a non-profit group makes an update or post to the Lightcatch app the organizations logo, name, and link to your website will be added.  Just like the sample below.

Monthly Reports

All of the effort volunteer groups put towards helping their community will be automatically documented.  

The report shows how how many contributions  members made, how many successful outcomes came from those contributions and much more.  

Private Chat Channel

Volunteer members and local law enforcement will share a private encrypted chat service on the Lightcatch app.  

This chat service will allow for communication and sharing at a level where other Lightcatch users or the public can not see it.

Get started - Use the Add to cart button below

Setup will require member list with Lightcatch app, website and logo.  Our onboarding goal is to have this done in less than 7 days.