Video tips

Follow these guidelines to give everyone the best chance of recognizing the perpetrator and helping solve the case. (Also see the examples at the bottom of the page).

Need help?

Not sure how to download footage off your security camera? How to edit the clip? Zoom in?

It's okay. Most people don't. But we do.

We know all the tricks and have the right tools to get your video ready to go quickly, and we're happy to help. Just use the chat box below, or give us a call at {phone number}, and we'll get to work on getting your crime uploaded right now.

Why videos & Pictures?

We've been in the crime reporting business for a while, and we've noticed that when crimes are posted without any pictures or videos, they take significantly longer to get resolved - if they ever do.


On the other hand, when users post crystal clear, short, descriptive video clips and information, the community responds. People know people, recognize faces, and notice what cars pass by them. When an entire group of people are looking for what they saw in your video - your crime gets solved quickly.Videos give everyone the confidence that the crime happened. It's your way of communicating that this is real - they can see the proof.


Videos also help engage the community emotionally, in a way that only a description often doesn't do. When people see your crime in action, they want to help - and they will.

Report a crime 

Report a Crime

Caught a crime on video, but don't know how to upload it or what to do next? We're here to help!

At Lightcatch, we understand what it feels like to be a victim of a crime. We know it's frightening and confusing. But we also know that time is of the essence in getting your video footage to users and the authorities, so we're glad to help you every step of the way to make sure that your case is reported and resolved as soon as it can be.

Giving everyone in the world with a phone the ability to stop crime.

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Follow us:

Under 2 minutes long and only showing the crime in action. The shorter, the better. 

Direct Video Footage

Of the suspect's face and/or vehicle, zoomed in and as clear as possible. 2-3 photos are preferable.

Screen Shots

Of exactly what happened, without offering rewards or threats. 'Just the facts' will enable people to help quickly and easily.

A Clear Description

Under 2 minutes long and only showing the crime in action. The shorter, the better. 

Short Video Clips

Report a crime

Post your crime info

It's quick and easy. In just a few minutes, we can get your crime posted for everyone to see. Let the entire community help catch the criminal and add information to your case so it gets solved - fast.

(Coming Soon)

Report a Crime

Footage examples

- Close and clear suspects photo

- Different angles

- Unclear suspects

- Without suspects face



- More than 2 minutes long

- Without suspects face



- Under 2 minutes long

- Crime in action