Why Videos & Pictures?

Both are needed to get your chance of success to increase from under 20% to over 50% success.
We've been in the crime reporting business for a while, and we've noticed that when crimes are posted without any pictures or videos, they take significantly longer to get resolved - if they ever do.

On the other hand, when users post crystal clear, short, descriptive video clips PLUS take the time to include great photo's and information, the community responds.  
Our test community seen 50% of these posts get a resolution.

Videos give everyone the confidence that the crime happened. It's your way of communicating that this is real.  It can also help people get involved emotionally in a way that pictures or a description often doesn't do.

Quickly - Get help from people nearby

Report a Crime

Report a crime

Post your crime info

It's quick and easy. In just a few minutes, get your crime posted for everyone to see.

Report a Crime

Guidelines for reporting a crime



- More than 2 minutes long

- Dead space

- Using a mobile phone to    

  record crime on a screen



- Under 2 minutes long

- Clearly see crime in action

- Video of crime builds trust

 which creates action

Video Do's & Don'ts

Photos Do's & Don'ts

- Every new crime should have      an image

- Close and clear images of        


-Different angels

- Face images too far away-too      small

- No facial or profile information

- Relying just on video

At Lightcatch, we understand what it feels like to be a victim of a crime. It can be frightening and confusing.

We also know that time is of the essence in getting your video footage to users and the authorities.

If you are stuck we'll be glad to help.

Prepare your video and photos as outlined below.
Your likelihood of success could increase to over 50%
Next describe what happened without
offering rewards or threats.
Just the facts enable people to see how to help quicker and easier.


Giving everyone in the world the ability to stop trouble.

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