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Download: Security Camera Guide

Here is the link to download the Security Camera Guide.

I'd like to also share...

A Formula That Is 10 Times Better Than Just Security Cameras

It takes just one random criminal to make the cockiest homeowner ashamed.  


In less than 20 minutes the criminal is usually long gone, while the residents don't even know what just took place.

The dirty little secret about security cameras is out.
Like Elmer Fudd who always tries to shoot the pesky rabbit, these camera owners find themselves too slow and too outwitted to make good on the ideas they once had.

Of course, everyone is sure this won’t be them, which is part of the reason repeat offenders and addicts spend so much time out of jail.

It's become normal for camera owners to call the police 12 hours after the crime.

Across thousands of property crimes, we found 12 hours was the average, many take days to make the same call.

It doesn't take a very smart criminal to get away in these circumstances.  After getting a head start like this, even the stoned ones can usually get off in court.

People who are then left alone in the home have another unwelcome guest named worry show up.  Worry arrives for free but it doesn't leave easily.  

I'm pretty sure this can help let off the pressure.

Doing what others are doing isn't working.  

Get Your Home Protected As If A Police Squad Was Next Door

The police, and even property owners nearby, can be helping before a crime even happens.

10X Better Than Just Cameras

This reaction starts to happen instantly, at the speed of light, because the right information starts to flow that fast.

When the right information starts to move faster than the criminals, the ability for the police to act effectively goes way up.

No matter how far away you feel the police may be, this doesn't change a thing.   Most police members made a decision to become an officer so they could make a difference.  It's time to give them the right information so they can do that.

Most property owners just want to see the police take care of it.  It's time people nearby got the right information so they can help the police do their job.

This is the way protecting ourselves should work.

Or, we can do what everyone else is doing and expect to get the same results they are getting.  

This Free Report shows how to protect your home 10x better than just cameras.

10X Safer Than Just Cameras Formula>

See how to improve your home safety 10x better than just cameras.

This Formula Is The Perfect Companion To The Security Camera Guide.

Protect Your Home 10X Better Than Just Cameras.

By releasing this information for free a few things can happen.

  • Some of the recipients will want to have everything automated and taken care of using a service we had developed called Crime Blocker.

  • Some will want to learn more.

  • Others will want to use this information to do it themselves.

No matter which path is right for you, I believe that once you see for yourself how your home can be 10X safer than just having cameras, you will want to tell others about it.

10X Safer Than Just Cameras Formula>

See how to improve your home safety 10x better than just cameras.