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Case Study - How 16 Cameras All Failed in This Famous TV Commentators $7 Million Home

Sunday, June 12, 2022 11:50pm, Vince’s wife awoke to strange sounds in their home.

Vince was on assignment out of town covering a game as an analyst, while Sondi was home alone with the children.

When she realized an intruder was inside the home, she gathered their young children and together they all quietly hid in a bedroom closet.

The call to 911 is over 10 minutes long.

The call has been described as terrifying.  At one point she is pleading in prayer, at another you can hear - "Don't make a sound!", as she speaks to her children that were with her.

The region of Atlanta where this 911 call was placed was Buckhead.

In the Buckhead area of Atlanta Georgia where this was unfolding, the average home is worth millions.  

It is a quiet community, where problems like this don't happen often.

Vince & Sondi's home had been bought for $7 million in 2020, two years earlier.

At the time of purchase, the listing said it came with a ‘state of the art security system’ with 16 closed circuit security cameras.

An over head view of a home in the Buckhead area.  The value of the homes are in the Millions.  The size of the properties are large.

While the family was waiting for the police to arrive, the robber found the guns inside the house and stole them, including a Glock 26.

The suspect also found around $100,000 cash stored in a bag in a different closet and stole it as well.  In less than 10 minutes it was over and they were gone.

Thankfully, he never opened the closet where the wife and children were hiding.

The first officer on the scene saw a black SUV speed away when they arrived.  

Months later there are still no images or footage available for evidence.  

Only a few fingerprints, and the loaded gun the criminal left behind, remain as evidence.  

The 16 camera ‘state of the art’ security system had completely failed.

For those that don’t know what a Glock 26 is, and the damage they can do, here is a sample of one with a large magazine being used.  

Vince Carter, former NBA superstar and TV analyst, may be worth millions, but he's probably like most of us when it comes to home safety.

We trust someone else to know what they are doing.

Whether you are shopping for a 16 camera state of the art system for your million dollar home or something less expensive, too many people find out what they bought was useless after it is too late.

It's not just sports personalities.

Read how the 7th richest person in Canada, and a brilliant engineer, overlooked some basic home security principles, that allowed his life and his wife's to end in tragedy. - Can You Believe The Sherman's Did That?

10X Safer Than Just Security Cameras

It took me a long time to see it, because of preconceived ideas I had, but the facts are now pretty clear.  

Stand alone security is too isolated.

A matrix in the home and around your community is much safer.

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