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Case Study - How 16 Security Cameras All Failed in this TV Commentators Seven Million Dollar Home

Sunday night, Sondi awoke to strange sounds in their home.

Her husband, was out of town on an assignment, and she was alone with their young children.

When she realized an intruder was inside the home, she quietly gathered the children, and together they all hid in a bedroom closet hoping they would be safe there.

It was, June 12, 2022 11:50pm when she made a call to 911 that was over 10 minutes long.

At one point she is pleading in prayer, at another you can hear - "Don't make a sound", as she speaks to her children that were with her.  

The call was described by the news media as terrifying.

The region of Atlanta where this 911 call was placed was Buckhead.

The Buckhead area of Atlanta Georgia where they lived, is a quiet upscale community and is not like some of the rougher areas of the city.

The people that live there often don't have any problems with crime.

Vince & Sondi had bought their home for $7 million in 2020, two years earlier.

At the time of purchase, the listing said it came with a ‘state of the art security system’ with 16 closed circuit security cameras.  

It seemed like their home was completely covered in regards to home security and this would be a safe place to raise their family.

An over head view of a home in the Buckhead area.  The value of the homes are in the Millions.  The size of the properties are large.

While the wife and children were desperately waiting for the police to arrive, the robber found Vince's guns inside the house, including a Glock 26 which they took, leaving the criminal's loaded gun there, for the bigger Glock.

For those that don’t know what damage a Glock 26 can do, here is a sample of someone shooting with one.  

In what could only be described as a very close call, the suspect also found and stole about $100,000 cash stored in a different closet, than the one Shondi and the children were hiding in before leaving.  

Thankfully, while the robber was in their home the closet where the wife and children were hiding was never opened.

In less than 10 minutes, with guns and money in hand, they were gone.

The first officer to arrive on the scene saw a black SUV speed away just as they got there.  

Months later, there are still no images or footage available for evidence.  

Only a few fingerprints, and the loaded gun the criminal brought to the crime and left behind, remain as evidence.  

All 16 cameras in the ‘state of the art’ home security camera system had completely failed to capture a single image of the suspect.  

They had also failed to alert the homeowner they were in danger.

Vince Carter, former NBA superstar and TV analyst, may be worth millions, but he's like most of us when it comes to home safety.

We tend to trust someone if they say your home is protected with a state of the art home security camera system we assume we are protected..  

Whether you are shopping for your multi-million dollar home, or a place less expensive, too many people find out what they believe is a good security camera system was useless, after they are a crime victim and it is too late.

Vince Carter, Hall of Fame NBA superstar's wife and children experienced a tragic home security system failure while away from his home in 2022

It's not just sports personalities.

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