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Safer homes and property. Technology that makes Lightcatch better.

Millions of thefts occur every year.

Repeat offenders and addicts have learned that most of the time they can get away.  

Innocent people are often scared or hurt in the process.


SiteSafe solves the two biggest problems people have when a potential thief or vandal comes on their property. The first problem is delayed reporting that is hours or days late and after the suspect is long gone.  The second problem is the ability to include enough information that people who are nearby actually see what is happening and they clearly understand how to help the police.

86% of alerts within 1 hour of the crime get success on Lightcatch*.  SiteSafe makes it possible to move faster than the criminal.  The result is prevented crime at a much lower cost.
Package theft is just one example of how much better SiteSafe protects property.

In seconds create a clear alert from security cameras to Lightcatch with SiteSafe.

Here's how


Open your security camera app.


Tap the share or email icon once open.

Tap the To field and type SiteSafe.Press Send.  


4 - Everyone within 20km sees the alert.

People seeing the alert can help keep an eye on your property. That can include calling the police, turning on their lights, updating the app with what they see, and more.
Your community can be alerted before a crime has even started.

24x7 our Operations team is there

When the alert is sent SiteSafe customers have our Operations team continue to engage with the public as updates come into the app.

A professional continues to update the and improve the information on the app so it is easy for the public to know what to look for.  If a call to 911 on your behalf is needed or if a call to your home is needed we do that also.

Video versus screenshots

SiteSafe starts with video you send from your security camera system to help protect your property.  George Floyd's, unfortunate death, is an example why video is so much better than a screenshot.  There is no way the response to his situation would have been the same if someone had posted a grainy screenshot.  The reaction came from the video. Protecting your property works the same way.  

$10 per month
$80 setup

$90 per year

$80 setup

Delays in reporting cause problems

The longer it takes to notify the police and the public the more likely someone will get away with property crime.

Speed of the alert

The likely outcome

Less than 5 minutes
Loved ones are the safest

Usually there is trespassing or vandalism before something gets stolen or someone gets hurt.  People nearby getting an alert before a crime happens can help in so many ways.  

Within 30 minutes
A recovery is likely

Thieves rely on speed and the public getting poor information. SiteSafe changes that.  More recoveries, more arrests.

Within 1 hour
Success is still possible

87% of the stolen items on Lightcatch were recovered when reported less than 1 hour from theft*.  (Nov-Dec 2020)

Within 12 hours
Many are insurance claims

Only 19% of stolen items were recovered for alerts between 1hr and 12hrs old. (May 2020)  RCMP report 75% of all crimes are after the criminals are long gone.  

Days later
A complete loss or an insurance claims

No one can afford to do a proper investigation for a property crime reported days after the fact. You are probably on your own.

No Risk Offer

The Lightcatch app is free.  Use it to communicate alerts anywhere anytime.

Use SiteSafe to send camera footage to Lightcatch in three easy steps. The speed of the alert and the quality of a professional's touch are where we see the best results with Lightcatch.  And it's only $10/mo.

When people help protect their community using Lightcatch we've proven the crime rate can be lowered.  Please try SiteSafe today and see how much better it can help protect your property. Those that try it love it.

If you ever feel SiteSafe can't help cancel it at any time.

All the best, Darren

$10 per month

$80 setup

$90 per year
$80 setup

Protect your property with SiteSafe.

*87% of all theft alerts in Nov and Dec 2020 on the Lightcatch app had a positive outcome.  60% had a postiive outcome in Jan 2021.  Lightcatch Operations team administers Admin support in 8 Counties and Cities in western Canada beyond the free 24x7 triage of all alerts.  The Operations team works with victims and witness to enhance the quality of the alerts and the reporting to the police.  Those areas have at least .5% of the population using Lightcatch.  This Admin support is very similar to what SiteSafe does in an automated manner.  SiteSafe gives the Lightcatch Operations team much better information to work with.  Depending on the amount of Lightcatch users nearby and their experience results in your location may vary.