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Using images from your security camera gives you a 20-30% chance of success. But using SiteSafe boosts your chances to over 50%.

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How to get SiteSafe?

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Email any video footage from your security camera system's mobile app to Lightcatch.

Our proprietary technology instantly knows what location that should be posted from and creates a post for you.

Every Lightcatch user nearby is notified. This can be thousands of people who instantly know what to look for.

Good for 1 location like a home or business or work site, 4 posts per year.

Works with almost all systems - Wyze, ADT, Nest, Ring, Vivint, Arlo, Hikvision, Blink and many more.

Your camera system's privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Camera systems are not connected to Lightcatch.

You or your security company can click 'send' to Lightcatch users nearby 24/7.

Video is optimized for length, images are created, and a clear write up is done on your behalf.

This combination of images and video increases the likelihood of success from 20% to 50%.

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