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SiteSafe can get that footage to everyone nearby before an intruder has left the property.

Press Share in the bottom left corner.

Tap the email icon

Type SiteSafe in the To: field

Press send

How to get SiteSafe?

Tap the orange Add to Cart button below. Your service should be ready for you to do a live test in the next 10 minutes.

If you aren't satisfied we'll refund your purchase in full.

Email any video footage from your security camera system's mobile app to Lightcatch.

Our proprietary technology instantly knows what location that should be posted from and creates a post for you.

Every Lightcatch user nearby is notified. This can be thousands of people who instantly know what to look for.

Good for 1 location like a home or business or work site, 4 posts per year.

Works with almost all systems - Wyze, ADT, Nest, Ring, Vivint, Arlo, Hikvision, Blink and many more.

Your camera system's privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Camera systems are not connected to Lightcatch.

You or your security company can click 'send' to Lightcatch users nearby 24/7.

Video is optimized for length, images are created, and a clear write up is done on your behalf.

This combination of images and video increases the likelihood of success from 20% to 50%.


Your Benefits with SiteSafe

Almost every security camera has the ability to send an email.

SiteSafe gets that email and does the rest.

More stolen items returned faster.  Faster arrests.  Even stronger convictions can happen.

Quick & Easy

The screenshots below show how simple SiteSafe is to use.

For too long information caught on security cameras was locked away for hours or days. It made it so easy for the criminals to get away.