Report a crime

A 30% success rate against crime isn't good enough.

Using SiteSafe boosts your chances to over 50%.

Property theft, vandalism, suspicious actions occur far too often with no consequences.

Press Share in the bottom left corner.

Tap the email icon

Type SiteSafe in the To: field

Press send

How to get SiteSafe?

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Email any video footage from your security camera system's mobile app to Lightcatch.

Our proprietary technology instantly knows what location that should be posted from and creates a post for you.

Every Lightcatch user nearby is notified. This can be thousands of people who instantly know what to look for.

Good for 1 location like a home or business or work site, 4 posts per year.

Works with almost all systems - Wyze, ADT, Nest, Ring, Vivint, Arlo, Hikvision, Blink and many more.

Your camera system's privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Camera systems are not connected to Lightcatch.

You or your security company can click 'send' to Lightcatch users nearby 24/7.

Video is optimized for length, images are created, and a clear write up is done on your behalf.

This combination of images and video increases the likelihood of success from 20% to 50%.

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Your Benefits with SiteSafe

Social Media

We seen as much as a 10% success rate when people post on a social media group or chat group and people start sharing it.  

10% is better than zero and for years this is all people had.

But then we coached people how to using video and images from their security cameras.  We coached them to do it a certain way.  

And we saw a 20-30% chance of success.

But for us 20-30% wasn’t good enough.
First we built Lightcatch.  

Then we built SiteSafe.  

SiteSafe completely automates our coaching system.  

It makes a post on Lightcatch from almost any security camera system automatic.  

And it does it in seconds.  

Our data shows it boosts success to over 50%*!

Is this technical to use? No!

Here’s how simple SiteSafe is to use.  

It’s like 10 taps on a mobile device in the 4 screen shots below.  

Almost every camera system in the world is less than 10 taps.  

Anyone can do this.