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Fewer insurance claims for only $10 per month

Millions of thefts occur every year.

Repeat offenders and addicts have learned that most of the time they can get away.  

We are led to believe a fix is out of our hands.

Innocent people are often scared or hurt in the process.  The emotional sense of violation is real.

Make your home and yard safer today.

Here's how.  In 3 easy steps.


Open your security camera app.


Tap the share or email icon once open.

Tap the To field and type SiteSafe.Press Send.  


Everyone within 20km sees the alert.

Your friends nearby will see this

If 10, 20, 50 or more people see the alert they can also do their part to help see your loved ones and property are safe.  That can include calling the police, turning on their lights, updating the app with what they see, and more.
In 3 steps your community can be alerted before a crime has even started.

24x7 our Operations team is there

When the alert is sent we decide if a call to 911 on your behalf is needed.  We decide if a call to your home is needed. We engage with the public on the Lightcatch app to ensure the police are being updated and more.

A professional also describes the need based on what appears in the video.  They optimize the video and images to ensure it is easy for the public to help.

Video versus screenshots

George Floyd's, unfortunate death, is an example why video is so much better than a screenshot.  There is no way the response to his situation would have been the same if someone had posted a grainy screenshot.  The reaction came from the video. Protecting your property works the same way.  

SiteSafe starts with video to help protect your property.  Don't rely on a fuzzy screenshot for the public to understand what you need in an emergency.  If the public doesn't understand what you need they hesitate and they let someone else deal with the problem.

Christmas Discount

Expires Dec 15

$80 setup today
$10 Jan 10 2021

$80 setup today
$90 Jan 10 2021

The cost of doing nothing

Waiting can come with a steep price.  The longer it takes to notify the public the more likely someone will suffer loss leading to an expensive insurance claim.

Speed of the alert

The likely outcome

Less than 5 minutes
Loved ones are the safest

Usually there is trespassing or vandalism before something gets stolen or someone gets hurt.  People nearby getting an alert before a crime happens can help in so many ways.  

Within 30 minutes
A recovery is likely

Thieves rely on speed and the public getting poor information. SiteSafe changes that.  More recoveries, more arrests.

Within 1 hour
50-60% are insurance claims

44% of the stolen items on Lightcatch were recovered when reported less than 1 hour from theft.  (May 2020)

Within 12 hours
80%+ are insurance claims

Only 19% of stolen items were recovered for alerts between 1hr and 12hrs old. (May 2020)  RCMP report 75% of all crimes are after the criminals are long gone.  

Social Media – Chat groups
95%+ are insurance claims

Your post is mixed in with jokes, videos, and opinions.  About 5% of stolen items are recovered on social media.

No Risk Offer

The Lightcatch app is free.  Use it to communicate alerts anywhere anytime.

Use SiteSafe to send camera footage to Lightcatch in three easy steps. The speed of the alert and the quality of a professional's touch are where we see the best results with Lightcatch.  And it's only $10/mo.

When people help protect their community using Lightcatch we've proven the crime rate can be lowered.  Please try SiteSafe today and see how much better it can help protect your property. Those that try it love it.

If you ever feel SiteSafe can't help cancel it at any time.

All the best, Darren

$80 setup today
$10 Jan 10 2021

$80 setup today
$90 Jan 10 2021

Lower insurance claims, protect your property with SiteSafe.