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SiteSafe - Frequently Asked Questions

3)       Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied at any time within the 30 days from your purchase just write us at hello@lightcatch.net and we’ll fully refund your cost of SiteSafe.

4)       What if it doesn’t work with my system?

There are two cases where SiteSafe won’t work.

1) When your security systems is a 'closed system' and there is no way to connect the internet to the security camera system SiteSafe won't work.  These systems are rare and are usually older.  

2) If there is no internet connection to the location SIteSafe will not work.  In this case adding a decent quality internet connection will enable SiteSafe to work.

5)       What happens after I purchase this?  

After you purchase SiteSafe you will be sent a very short form to complete.  This page asks a few simple non-technical questions.  Once those questions are completed you will receive your new SiteSafe email address.  

In that email are also instruction on how to do a live test.  Once the test is completed SiteSafe is ready to be used any time you need it.

6)       How long is the setup?

Plan for 15-20 minutes to get the SiteSafe account setup and tested.  Many account holders complete the whole process on their own in under 5 minutes.

7)       What if my internet service quality is poor?

SiteSafe requires the customer to be able to send an email from their mobile phone or a PC connected to the security camera system.  In many areas where there is no reliable cable, fibre, or satellite coverage we recommend trying a 4G hub from a mobile phone provider.

1)       What about my privacy or unauthorized access to my cameras?

There is never any access to your security cameras or alarm systems via Lightcatch.  Your privacy and security camera systems are under your control at all times.

SiteSafe requires someone who can view your security cameras to send an email before any alerts are created.  We never have this access so there is no way Lightcatch the app or the staff can access someones security system.

If a video was sent to Lightcatch that our Operations team has questions about someone will immediately call you.

2)       Why would I want SiteSafe.  Isn't Lightcatch good enough?

SiteSafe was developed so property owners can alert the public while a crime is unfolding.  It allows the property owner to immediately share the information from their security cameras systems to everyone nearby on the Lightcatch app.

75% of property crimes are reported after the crime is over.  The criminals have a headstart when this happens.  That headstart allows them to stay in business.  SiteSafe is a way to stop that cycle and alert the public before the suspect has even left the parking lot.  

Since not everyone owns property and not everyone has security cameras not everyone needs SiteSafe.  

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