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One of our first investors was a mall manager.  He is accustomed to many youths being conditioned to believe that there are no results from crime in and around the mall.  Too often he reads about the same youth whom the store wouldn’t prosecute, and whom security would only escort out, grow into bigger crimes.  What starts as maybe a dare grows into no fear.  With our approach a frequent outcome is to return stolen items before anyone has even left the parking lot.  

What are the insurance cost savings and other benefits to society when a $90,000 Denali stolen from a convenience store is tracked by the community and the thief simply gives up 30 minutes later? It not only greatly reduces insurance claims, but it’s much, much faster than having to wait 36 hours to go to the station just to file a police report.  There are 42,000 thefts like this every year in North America.  What if your investment helps recovers 10% of them?  It’s an impact.   So far in 2020 we've recovered two already.

People complain that the courts are too lenient and that the need is for more prosecutors, but our experience is that your investment can achieve the opposite.  What we’ve seen is that when the community gets clear actionable information at the speed of light via their mobile phones, the evidence against a suspect is so strong that the court process is quick, the sentence is just, and people who have never been convicted before end up doing time.  We don’t believe the laws need to change, that police counts need to rise, or the cost of the Crown court systems needs to grow.  What needs to increase is the awareness that the community has the power in its hands to make a difference. With your help we can change the whole system and cut the cost of property crime, vandalism and emergencies by billions of dollars.  

And when we share the requests like “How soon can you get this here? It will save so many lives” from South Africa,  or “We have a huge problem with vehicle thefts here because as soon as that vehicle crosses the border there is nothing we can do” from Poland, or “This would help so much with corruption because it exposes safely what is taking place” from India, or “The theft of bicycles around here is ridiculous;  it’s an epidemic” from Santa Monica, or Philadelphia, or Baltimore, eventually you may see this opportunity like we do.

This isn’t a start-up; it’s a mission.  This isn’t just a business; it’s inevitable. Someone is going to do this and it’s going to work.  There is no going back to the old way anymore.    

Join us on this journey.  We can point the way to a profitable business that helps many people. But it’s going to take someone’s help so we can serve our users well.  Someone whose net worth is over $2 Million or an organization who wants to make an impact is ideal.   We’re forecasting a $250,000 shortfall before being cash flow positive and are looking to raise $500k-$1M to drive growth in 2020.

This window is closing on or before Mar 31.   Let’s connect.

With over 47 stolen vehicles recovered in one small city, numerous bicycles and stolen items also recovered, countless potential crimes thwarted, many arrests, and successful convictions since beginning the project, we’ve learned the following:  

The victim’s pain from a crime is often so personal the victim remembers the smallest of details years later.  Yet with our platform, we’ve seen people tell us they sleep better at night knowing a community has given them support in a time of need.  

Many children and young adults count on their bicycles, skateboards and scooters for enjoyment.  Their summers can be ruined when out of nowhere their stuff is stolen.  Photos of those children getting their equipment back brings smiles to everyone.  

Because many small players such as street dealers and drug mules absolutely hate their actions being exposed socially, posting real evidence of their crimes creates a stronger deterrence than all the ‘catch and release’ experiences such criminals have ever had to date.  

Your help will allow people to sleep better at night. Your help will help children feel happier. Your help will reduce the social burdens of insurance claims and court costs. Your help will increase convictions for crimes committed.


Investors who want to make money and improve lives please read on.