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When the police confirm a successful recovery.

$250 Reward

Enter the information below that police will need to recover this item:

To receive the maximum amount of the reward.

  1. Use the Lightcatch app instead of this form to update the alert immediately.
  2. Include the location where the item is seen.
  3. If you are reporting about a stolen item and know the location, be sure to call 911 immediately.  You are reporting on a theft in progress and they need this phone call to respond properly.  
  4. Wait safely from a distance until the police arrive if it is safe to do so.  

All information provided may be shared with the appropriate police department.

Alerts on the Lightcatch app or crimes shared online and marked as a Recovery Service are eligible for a share or all of the $250 reward.  Alerts not marked Recovery Service do not qualify.    

All reward splits are at the discretion of Lightcatch.  

More helpful contributions will receive a higher split and less helpful contributions will receive a lower amount.

Reward money is normally sent via etransfer within 3 business days after the property owner has confirmed item was recovered.