The Lightcatch Process

The Lightcatch app is under construction but we can stop theft and vandalism today.
Our 4 step process below is still the same. Instead of the app Lightcatch staff are right now monitoring a Facebook group. We can use this group to provide real time updates
and a visual trail of evidence to our users.

Stolen? – An easier way to help the
police stop theft.

Report a crime

In 5 minutes let every neighbor, co-worker, and friend know what took place. Anyone with a mobile can help build a trail of evidence for the community and the police in real time.




Giving everyone in the world with a phone the ability to stop crime.

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Free and easy-to-use crime stopping app.
Currently In Development
patent pending

Build trail of evidence

Every text, phone and photo sent in will be triaged and then added to the trail of evidence. By seeing a map with direction of travel and time stamps the group can better respond as an incident unfolds.


Lightcatch staff will confirm
all major details to send to
the group. If you like we’ll
also contact the police on
your behalf.

Upload photo of crime


Grande Prairie
& Area Only

Lightcatch is currently limited to Grande Prairie and area. (Hey we’ve to start somewhere)– The quality of our service is directly connected to how many caring people are willing to get involved in our community. Please join our Facebook group below to get updates in real time of crime in our city. We promise to only post valid crime information that is less than 1 hour old. We also promise to always be 100% free for anyone in a time of need.

+  Join group

All relevant information from the community is forwarded to the police in real time.
With better more reliable data the police are able to make better decisions.

Police intervention


Register Interest

Want to know when Lightcatch is available for your community? Want to know how many bad guys we catch each month? Willing to be part of the Lightcatch early adopter program? Maybe want to see us contact your cities administration to help us start a community education partnership in your city? Sign up with your email address below and we’ll keep you posted. (And we’ll never spam anyone.)

Enter email address.

For free – anyone with footage of a crime can upload the details of the crime.

Obtain photo of incident



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Stolen Vehicles Recovered With Lightcatch in 2019

Lightcatch gives every person with a smartphone the power to stop crime. Stolen goods (like vehicles) are returned faster and more often, perpetrators are caught, and everyone stays safer.  

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