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Learn The Biggest Lies About Crime And The Safety of Your Home.

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Why do hard working people become violated and lose what they have from a few minutes of crime, while others seem to have no worries about their property?

Crime Prevention Expert, Creator of Lightcatch - Darren Boyer

Too often the people who have worked hard for things are the ones who become the biggest targets.  

After analyzing close to 10,000 property crimes I saw a select few lived dramatically safer than others.  

It was frustrating to see that the best security camera reviews usually meant very little to improve someone's safety. Those were almost always from people before a crime happened.  In the real world, the reviews rarely helped.

It was even more disappointing to see the opinions, ideas, and theories being given by so many so called experts.  Data from thousands of cases showed many of their ideas had little benefit, and at times even made things worse.

Knowing YOUR Home Security Score is the first step to being able to live worry free.

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