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Property crime has left too many people frustrated.

Its time every homeowner knew about solutions that are simple and affordable.

Follow these easy steps to reduce or eliminate your risk.

Step 1: Be proactive.  Get the world's first free app that lets everyone nearby see where to help.Lightcatch Download - Free

Step 2: Avoid the mistakes millions with security cameras live with every year.Security Cameras Guide - Free

Step 3: Protect your home 10X better than just cameras.10X Better Than Just Cameras Formula - Free

Step 4: Automate the Protection of Your Property 10X Better + Improve Privacy.Crime Blocker

My Journey - From a Free App To Something That Can Improve Home Safety 10 Times Better

If you are skeptical crime can be 100% eliminated at your home or property that’s understandable!

In the free Security Camera Guide I share how it took me years to see how all the pieces could work together, even though I was looking at the data every month and had examined thousands of property crimes.  

,Our first hunch led to being able to improve people's results by 500%.  

Then Tom, a 25 year veteran police officer and member of our Advisory Board, got an insight that helped to double those results again.

The results were an improvement of about 10 times better than what people with just security cameras experience after a crime.

Then I learned from Jenna, a local security system technician, the real reasons why so many fail to ever get results.  Most property owners were setup for failure, and didn't even realize where they were vulnerable.  

Jenna, had spent enough time in the trenches with customers, she tried to recommend solutions that kept her clients from being victims because that would normally lead to them coming back to her upset!

By copying what she had her best clients doing, it dramatically improved the reliability of deterring and stopping crime.  

After understanding how those principles worked we built on that, and eventually doubled, then tripled, the effectiveness of what people would normally experience.  Any existing camera system can get these benefits, but it has to be setup right.

You would probably never find what Jenna was doing by searching on Google.  It would be ridiculed on social media and be even harder to find there.

When we claim you can improve the safety of your property 10X better than cameras, that is a conservative estimate.  It's actually not that hard to get this big of an improvement, because the most popular solutions are so bad!  

For most people, they will be going from a 1 in 262,000 chance or less, of ever preventing a crime on their property, to over an 8 out of 10 chance.  

We don't sell the hardware, we just specify what is needed.  Many times, what is already in place can be modified or upgraded to deliver these kinds of improvements.

At this point, the hardest thing about stopping crime on your property is probably being willing to let go of what you may have been told is the solution, and embracing something that is either free or extremely affordable before you are a victim.

Darren Boyer, CEO

Common Misconceptions That Lead To Being A Frustrated Property Owner

Lights, locks and fencing are an effective deterrent

Maybe years ago, before $5 synthetic crystal meth was the most common street drug, and cordless grinders existed, these ideas might have worked better.
Today, the data shows the opposite is more true. Read More....

Low cost, highly rated cameras are all you need

This is probably the most damaging and costly misconception about home safety that exists today.
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The police are not very good at responding - 'I'm too far away'

The solutions to solve this are very simple and effective.  

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We use a Facebook or a chat group to keep our community safe.

Social media or chat groups work as much as 40% of the time.    

Letting criminals win 60% of the time isn't necessary anymore.  Neither is it healthy.

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Our court system and laws are too broken to stop crime.

The problem most people have is they try to pull levers after the crime. At that point it is too late.
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I have dogs or guns, I'm good.

People who have lived with two crimes in the last five years are the least likely to trust this solution.  
From experience they found both these options have critical gaps that leave their loved ones vulnerable.

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