What Is Lightcatch?

Lightcatch is a crime reporting tool. Whenever someone witnesses a crime, or catches illegal activity on video, they can upload all the information to the app, which notifies everyone nearby of what happened, and also sends the information to the police, helping them resolve the case faster and more efficiently than ever before.


It gives everyone with a smartphone the ability to help crowdsource a suspect’s location when a crime occurs nearby. It puts power and safety into the hands of the people. Join with your neighbors and make a difference today. (Currently restricted to the Grande Prairie area of Alberta - Mar 2019)

Download the app. Join the movement.


Stolen Vehicles Recovered With Lightcatch

Lightcatch transforms how communities come together. This counter shows how many stolen vehicles our awesome Lightcatch members have helped identify and locate for law enforcement.  #stopcrime










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How It Works

When a theft or crime occurs at your home or business, use the Lightcatch website to upload security camera footage (here). You can also use the app to upload photos and information if the crime was captured on a smartphone.

Step 1

Upload Crime Info

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The police solve cases faster, you get your stolen goods back, and the whole community becomes safer as criminal realize that there’s nowhere to hide.

Step 3

Sleep Soundly

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Get Help

Step 2

Every app user in the surrounding area is notified of the incident and can add information and photos, helping create a trail of evidence for the police.

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How To Report a Crime

Why It Works

Like cockroaches when the lights are turned on, criminals run for it when they know their crimes might be posted online or the police might arrive any moment. Now everyone with a mobile phone can help show law enforcement a suspect’s exact location, so they can act with precision and speed.

  In 2018, the community of Grande Prairie, Canada came together in a pilot test of the Lightcatch service. Thousands got involved. Together they helped recover over $1.2 million of stolen goods, including 33 stolen vehicles, and priceless items like a father’s ashes.


  When we’re all working together, entire communities sleep safer at night.  

Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for iPhone

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Giving everyone in the world with a phone the ability to stop crime.

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Here’s how every one of us can help our friends and co-workers.

Don’t wait for someone to steal something near you.  Download Lightcatch today as a warning to criminals - that they’ll be watched, located, and caught red-handed.  

We don’t sell advertising or mine our users data for personal information. You can sleep soundly knowing our team and company live by complete integrity.   

Join the movement of Lightcatch users today.

Together, you and I can help the police stop crime like never before.  Introducing a service that is 10x faster and a 100x cheaper than anything else in the market. And it’s free.

The more users there are nearby, the safer everyone becomes.

Lightcatch for Android

Lightcatch for Android