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The past was about watching crime.

Blocking crime is better.

Showing services that are strengths for Crime Blocker

Blocking crime makes the majority (80%+) of homes 10X safer.

Showing services that are strengths for Crime Blocker

Protection when home alone.

Green check mark shows services that increase home safety for Crime Blocker customers

Travel worry free.

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There are 14 major flaws with home security that leave the majority of victims with nothing more than watching the crime on their security cameras after it has happened.

We provide the education to ensure the protection for your home is fail safe.

No More Isolated Cries For Help

A lone call to 911 waits, hoping help is on the way.

Leverage the power of the community to crowdsource information for the police faster and easier. Safer.  Free.

Break the silence.

Learn more.

Screen shot shows original crime update and second community update for suspects location.  Also shows how both locations reach a new group of crowdsourced user