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A Formula For Results

In the case of theft our formula leads to a 50% success rate versus the zero results people too often experience.

Here's the formula.

Get people around you involved before trouble strikes.   5% or more is ideal

Always post decent video plus 1-2 photos of the suspect to more than double your chance of success.

Report every good piece of information immediately to the local police service.  Share it via email or text from the Lightcatch app.


Stop Trouble. Before or After It Happens

Anyone can send a photo, a text, or even call in. The suspects location is constantly updated on the map.  Safely and legally everyone can crowdsource what they know and see.

Download the app now and in less than 5 minutes help make your home or work a safer place … before trouble happens.  Recently mentioned on CBC - Crime Fighting app lauded by RCMP.

Report a crime

What To Do

People Help

Step 2

Every app user in the surrounding area is notified of the incident.  They can add information and photos that appear on a map for everyone to see.  It is anonyomous, safe, private, and legal.

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When trouble occurs the best way to let people know is to have SiteSafe connected to your security cameras.  You can also create a post and upload security camera footage here or you can use the app.  

Step 1

Create a post

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Report every good piece of information immediately to the local police service.  Share it with them via email or text from the Lightcatch app.

Step 3

Update the Police

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Police have told us 90% of the information needed to resolve a crime is known by the public.  They just aren't aware that what they saw or heard was of such value.  Things like time, place, and description while the suspect is vulnerable and on the getaway makes all the difference.

Now there is a way to provide that information safely.   Our goal is for most people to use the app for just 5 minutes per week or less. Just 5 minutes.  This way everyone can make the time to see if they can help when an alert comes in.  You may just be able to provide that key piece of information that can give police what they need.

It also helps that like cockroaches when the lights are turned on, trouble often runs for it when it knows it might be exposed and outnumbered.  Especially if the police might arrive any moment. When an area or a City make it known they'll expose someone at anytime bad actors tend to scatter somewhere that's an easier target.

Why It Works

Don’t wait for trouble to happen near you.   Download Lightcatch today before trouble happens..

Use this free service to report trouble and alert everyone nearby.

That trouble could be a crime, an accident, something suspicious, or a threat to your safety.


Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for Android

Lightcatch for iPhone