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Property crime has a way of surprising people.

Sometimes it hurts financially. Sometimes it hurts emotionally.

These risks can now be eliminated.

Any home can be transformed in its safety level.

Financially guaranteed to work or your money is refunded.

The solution is called Crime Blocker.  

Crime Blocker

The better the home security system you have now, the lower the cost to add Crime Blocker.

Once in place, every piece of your home or business security system will combine to work 200-1,000% better.

Common Misconceptions

Lights, locks and fencing are an effective deterrent

Maybe years ago, before $5 synthetic crystal meth was the most common street drug, and cordless grinders existed, these ideas might have worked better.
Today, the data shows the opposite is more true. Read More....

Low cost, highly rated cameras are all you need

This is probably the most damaging and costly misconception about home safety that exists today.
Read more....

The police are not very good at responding - 'I'm too far away'

The solutions to solve this are very simple and effective.  

Read more....

We use a Facebook or a chat group to keep our community safe.

Social media or chat groups work as much as 40% of the time.    

Letting criminals win the other 60% of the time isn't necessary anymore.  These systems are too isolated and information flows too poorly across them.

Read more....

Our court system and laws are too broken to stop crime.

The problem most people have is they try to pull levers after the crime. At that point it is too late.
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I have dogs or guns, I'm good.

People who have lived with two crimes in the last five years are the least likely to trust this solution.  
From experience they found both these options have critical gaps that leave their loved ones vulnerable.

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