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Crime Prevention

Download the free app.
Give 5 minutes per week.
Get involved when and where you can.
Get others nearby involved so there is a stronger network.
Mute any alerts on the app that you can’t help with.
And one day that network may help you or a loved one.

Can you lower crime using a free app just 5 minutes per week?

Like a block watch program that is supercharged for a mobile world. Less thefts and better personal safety are just a download away.

We designed this crowdsourcing service after extensive consultation with policing and legal teams.

Your identity and privacy are completely protected.

Report a crime

Repeat offender gets surprised in the country

Others help

Step 2

Every app user in the surrounding area is notified of the incident.  

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Step 1

Create an alert

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Report every good piece of information immediately to the local police service.  Share it with them via email or text from the Lightcatch app.

Step 3

Update the Police

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Personal Safety

Download Lightcatch today

Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for iPhone

Lightcatch for Android

Lightcatch for iPhone

Vehicle thefts just DROPPED BY 41% in the city with the 10th highest crime rate in Canada!  (Apr-June 2020)

This drop in vehicle thefts closely tracks the Lightcatch user growth and engagement in that area.

People have done this with Lightcatch.

See where danger is instantly.
Less errors from confusing written directions.

Alerts to your phone show where the latest update is located and how close you are to it. Use this information to stay clear of danger.

Once safe, crowdsource information regarding the incident.

Every text, image or video can be geo-tagged so the public instantly sees the suspects movement.

The alert creator or yourself then need to update the police.

A rural crime watch group used Lightcatch to track suspicious activity.  
Local crime was reduced + prevented before it happened!

The closest to the time of the incident the better.  

This guy kept trying to escape from police and everything he tried was failing. Nine vehicle thefts and multiple police jurisdictions normally works!  Arrested within 48 hours of the first theft. Crowdsourcing works. - Aug 2020