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Crime Watching Versus Blocking

The past was about watching crime.

Security cameras showed what happened.

Then we shared pictures so others could watch.

A few in online groups and patrols watched for crime.

The news covered crimes that were over.

Crime maps showed where it took place.

Blocking crime is better

Blocking crime makes the majority (80%+) of homes 10X safer.

There are 14 major flaws with home security that prevent people from blocking crime.

Instead, they are vulnerable and unable to do much more than see what happened.

A free Block Crime Design customized for your home is available to show the exact equipment needed to avoid the 14 flaws.  

Use this information to find the best companies and home security for your property.

Number 1 red X bullet

1) Only 20% of the time did the property owner know about a crime within the hour it happened.

Number 2 red X bullet

2) 10% of the time did the camera footage identify the color of suspects clothes and crime that was done.  (A 90% failure rate.)

Number 3 red X bullet

3) Too few crimes prevented.  Camera alerts to a mobile phone have a 1 in 2 million chance of stopping crime over any five year period.

Number4 red X bullet

4) 0% of  911 calls received images or videos.

Number 5 red X bullet

5) 0% of emergency responders got a picture of what to look for and video proof of what was done.

Number 6 red X bullet

6) Key details missed.  Since the 911 operator can’t see the crime, they don’t even know what to ask, except by listening to a caller who is under stress of a threat or crime.

Number 7 red X bullet

7) 0% of the public could participate in helping the police in real time with which way suspect went or what suspect looked like.

Number 8 red X bullet

8) 0% of the public knows about high speed escapes, gunmen, or other dangers nearby putting them and their loved ones at risk to injury and death.

Number 9 red X bullet

9) Arrests usually took days or weeks.  The information isolated in the security system creates a core problem that helps delay arrests.  This sends an unspoken message to criminals like ‘see no one cares’.

Number 10 red X bullet

10) Sentencing rarely took place.  Delays in arrests allow the evidence to get so scattered it becomes too expensive to afford the investigation.

Number 11 red X bullet

11) Public often frustrated, police are overloaded.  This builds a lack of engagement start to believe they can't make a difference.

Number 12 red X bullet

12) 0% of victims have someone to help 24 hours per day with security system access and police updates.  Experience saves time and doesn't miss important details.

Number 13 red X bullet

13) Usually 0% of escalation list members can use the technology to create deterrence.  They have to drive onsite and risk their safety.

Number 14 red X bullet

14) Driven to make sales, not protect people.  Security camera manufacturers never lose a dime, if you become a crime victim after buying their cameras.

These flaws were uncovered by analyzing over 6,000 alerts that victims and volunteers created using the Lightcatch app, and 4,000 posts created on social media, between 2018-2022.  Three other analysis methods confirmed these findings.

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Proactive: Blocking stops the majority of potential criminals before a crime happens.

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When Alone: You are protected.

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Travel Worry Free:  Blocking creates the possibility to leave the home for a night, the weekend, or even six months at a time and never have to be the one to monitor phone alerts.

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Easy:  Most blocking is automatic.  We take it one step further and made a way where no one even needs to remember how to use the equipment or what they are supposed to do.

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100% private.  No company or stranger needs access to your cameras.

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Maximum discount on property insurance.  (5-15%)

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There are approximately 20 tools and tactics, depending on the size of yard and if in an urban or rural location.  Most operate at the speed of light.

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Stress free: Dealing with property crime alone is time consuming and stressful.  Blocking transforms that experience dramatically.

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10X safety improvement for 80% or more of households

I want you to see exactly how you can be 10X safer risk free.

The Block Crime Design is a custom report specific to your home.

Receive a Risk Analysis showing how the current home security system may be vulnerable and why.

Plus a Block Crime Design custom report specific to the needs of your home.

Use this information to find the best companies and home security for your property.

Why Is This Free?

I’m hoping once you see how your home will be 10x safer by blocking versus watching, you’ll want to ensure crime blocking is done right.

If you decide to continue with a paid service we make the rest of the process very easy by overseeing any changes that may be needed.

We've also developed extra technology and services to help ensure the entire system is failsafe after it is running.  

The cost for what Lightcatch does will average $35 per month or less.  


Reason #2 - To Help Stop Procrastination

Statistically, almost everyone believes the security they have is working on the basis they haven't had any problems lately.  

This means most won’t spend any money on home security until AFTER they are a victim.

In fact, from surveys and our our experience, it takes being a victim twice or more, before people throw in the towel and want to change what they were doing.

I’m really hoping you will avoid the mental trap of believing partial security is working.  This is usually just the randomness of crime at work.

By showing clear proof where there may be current risks you can decide if now may be a good time to start crime blocking.

There is a limited quantity of Free Block Crime Designs available every month.  Book a time below.

Block Crime Design - Free


Whether dealing with sky high crime in the city, or living miles away from the nearest police car, we help people like this.

Charlotte and family moved to a new city and had a national name brand security system installed.  The system experienced severe failures leading to their truck being stolen.  


They knew there had to be a better way.

Iris D lived in the city of West Kelowna where the crime rate has become national news.  She was now alone in their beautiful home, after suddenly losing her husband.


When she saw she could leave the house for church, visit her grandchildren for the weekend, or even travel for weeks at a time without having to worry about the safety of her home any more, she said ‘That’s what I need.

Trudi N knew their farm was a rich target.  


By managing their risk before a crisis struck, she is protecting what they have worked for years to build up.

Greg Y lived in a small town and had 13 cameras on the property.  He also had to deal with too many break ins.


Any time he would be driving back to his property he kept thinking “I wonder what the place is going to look like when I get there.

Driven To Build This

After releasing the world’s leading crime prevention app I saw crimes stopped so fast, and so well supported by policing, I knew we were onto something.

One Chief of Police said behind closed doors 'It's like I'm watching Amazon being built, when I'm used to using the Sears & Roebuck catalog.'

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Darren Boyer
CEO of Lightcatch

I want you to see exactly how your home can be 10X safer. Risk Free.

Book a free online meeting where we will review your property together.

Receive a Risk Analysis showing how the current home security system may be vulnerable and why.

Plus a Block Crime Design custom report specific to the needs of your home.Use this information to find the best companies and home security for your property.

There is a limited quantity of Free Designs available every month.  Book a time below.

Block Crime Design - Free

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