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Helping everyone enjoy life, worry free.


Darren Boyer

My name is Darren Boyer, CEO & Founder of Lightcatch.  What is a guy with a young family in a small city in Northern Alberta doing founding a tech startup in an industry he’s never operated in, with just his own money?

I had already owned an IT company for 10 years that had long term stable customers. People who worked at our company were world class at what they did. Every single one of them had moved to Grande Prairie on the belief the IT company had an amazing future. If I kept going, I could be flushing all the work put into that company down the toilet.  In front of me was the potential to change how crime could be prevented and stopped.  

Our first 9 months of testing had resulted in 35 stolen vehicles being recovered and over 10,000 people getting involved, even though our City only had 65,000 people.  

Before our technology even launched our service had already gotten all sorts of positive press coverage. We had all these letters and posts and notes of encouragement.

One couple even visited our office and left a cheque for $500 just to say ‘keep going’.I had people in Eastern Europe, India, South Africa, Nigeria all asking “When can you bring this to our country, we really need it here.”

It was so clear, the world would never go back to an old way of doing things, once they seen how well this world's first technology worked.  The people seemed to love it, the police loved it, and I felt crazy enough to take this enormous risk so step by step we kept taking the plunge..

Well that is different

Most of the time when people think about technology that is going to keep a community safer they would look at partnering with a police force, the local government, or even a security company.  Those are good options, but I also knew there was a key to success that none of those organizations had.  That key was where we needed to focus.  

Our most important partners are the individual property owners who just want to live worry free.  If we could show these people how much safer their loved ones and possessions could be, then every other kind of partnership would be made many times stronger.

Charting our own path wasn’t easy.   We used our savings and business equity to fund the development and provide the app to everyone for free.  I had already built software using remote teams for 15 years so working as a remote team seemed natural. I also fund a Canadian based operations team to review every single thing put on the app 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to ensure everything stays positive and legal.

Not everyone is in love....yet

Despite being a world's first technology of its kind, getting results never seen before, only needing 5 minutes per week, and being free some people still have concerns.   Our biggest complaint is people who download it and say 'Nothing is happening on the app where I live.'    Everything being really quiet is actually a design choice.  We aren't trying to get people to look at funny cat videos to pay the bills via advertising.

Some have also gotten frustrated with some of the rough edges on the iPhone app.  A few have also said “Your lack of visibility make it not worth it for me.” I wish you the best who feel this way. Please don’t stick around.

Our data shows that those who feel everything must be perfect before they grace it with their time rarely do anything productive for their community's safety.

Old enough to be patient....

Despite not being perfect yet, tens of thousands are using the app now.  Hundreds have told us how much safer they feel and how thankful they are for this service.  These are the most important people we serve.

Being patient has allowed for me to have a lot of time for ideas to incubate and to be tested.  Invention built upon invention until now, we can help a property owner live worry free, no matter how unsafe they felt before.  

It is amazing to see how how transformative this solution can be.  I hope you can enjoy some of the exciting things Lightcatch has made possible.  Please join this movement and enjoy a worry free life when it comes to property you care about, like so many others have.


(Our company is still small enough if you want to reach me it will probably happen pretty quickly.  Send a note, use the chat, pm or even call.)  

All the best,