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We are two family guys who aren’t rich, never went to a special school or came from a privileged background. The odds say we can’t make our dream of changing the world happen. But what the odds makers maybe can’t see is the level of resourcefulness, determination, and faith....

We want to give everyone in the world with a mobile phone the ability to stop crime


Victor Njoku

After migrating from Nigeria Victor and family have undergone all the sacrifices and difficulties of being in a new country that requires different levels of education to be highly employable. Undeterred he went back to school to prove his capabilities in his new country.

Victor won’t say this but his family has gone without for a long time since coming to Canada. Victor has the brains, the personality and most importantly the desire to do what it takes. All he needed was an opportunity.

We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to do what it takes to fight crime in the community.

Meet The‍ Team

Darren Boyer

Born and raised in the Peace River country of Canada Darren still remembers clearly the days when all three of the bikes his little brother had were stolen. Though still under 10 his brother never bought a bike again. Having something stolen leaves personal scars for a long time.

If being innovative, focusing on customer satisfaction and building a great team are really important to making a great company then Darren has a track record.

After founding PCIT there were innovations in business models, service delivery and technologies.  

Happily married with 6 young children who are some of the greatest blessings anyone could ask for. If running two companies and having a large family isn’t enough Darren also serves as pastor at a vibrant church. (And yes time management and personal energy are two of his passions).

Giving everyone in the world with a phone the ability to stop crime.

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