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About Lightcatch

We're an organization dedicated to serving people and communities for the long term by doing things the right way.  

We want to make the world a better place.  User safety and data privacy is our promise.  

We want to give everyone in the world the ability to stop trouble.


Meet The‍ Founder

Darren Boyer
Founder-Company Builder

Darren still remembers the times crime has happened to people he cares about. Especially the bikes his little brother had that were stolen. Though he was still under 10 his brother never got a 4th bike until he was in his 30's. It just hurt too much. Having something stolen, and then never recovered, leaves personal scars for too long.

Happily married with 6 young children he learned that having a loving wife and family is awesome. Darren also serves as pastor at a vibrant church.

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