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China lowered their urban crime rate by building a dense network of security cameras. Imagine the difference when everyone can stop crime with the mobile phone in their pocket? Contact Lightcatch to see if a community awareness adoption will strengthen community policing initiatives and lower crime rates at little to no cost.

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Lightcatch services rely on quality security and alarm systems. Imagine the customer satisfaction when your security service automatically alerts every neighbour, employee, and concerned citizen in the area when your customer has a security breach. To be part of the Lightcatch early adopter program and integrate the community notification with your security systems, contact us below.

Join the community and watch for posts that are near your location. Help protect your neighbourhood. A quick photo or text could make all the difference to someone in need.

We can help you 24x7 get the crime footage from your camera system. We can then help post the details to our community. (Our goal is within 5 minutes of contacting us) Your neighbours, friends, and anyone in the area can help instantly.

Our service is 100% free to every individual, business owner and concerned citizen.  

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Giving everyone in the world with a phone the ability to stop trouble.

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