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Darren Boyer, January 26 2021

Corinna's Story

All Municipalities are concerned about crime. Lightcatch has lots of information and data that can help a Municipality, Village or Town empower their residents to be part of the solution.

Working with Darren Boyer and Lightcatch the app gives real time awareness to theft and crime. SiteSafe is an easy tool that informs every Lightcatch app user in the area footage of the incident. A picture writes a thousand words and this is just one part of the success that has led to vehicles being recovered when reported within the first hour to the app.

Lightcatch with their 7 steps to protect your rural property is an excellent example of how Lightcatch can empower communities to build a safe and secure neighbourhood. Be the neighbourhood that the offenders don’t want to be seen in.

Corinna Williams
Deputy Reeve of Norther Sunrise County
President 700 member Northern Sunrise County Rural Crime Watch

Written by

Darren Boyer

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