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A person taking time from their workday to help keep their community safe should not go unnoticed.

The Goodwill program from Lightcatch can change that.

Every time an employee makes a contribution to the Lightcatch app it will automatically add your organizations logo, name, and link of your choice.

Monthly Totals Remember Success

All of the contributions staff put towards helping their community is automatically documented.  

Monthly reports are delivered showing how many contributions staff members made and how many successful outcomes came from their involvement.

Ask for the Goodwill Program Sample Monthly Report for a picture of what this will look like.

Monthly Totals Show Public Visibility

This section of the report is an indication of how many times other people using Lightcatch saw your teams input and logo.  

Below is a sample of this type of data

# of team contributions last 30 days:5
# of times those posts were opened: 3122
# of times the website link was clicked:1

The message that your Company is consistently helping and watching for others can be shared with customers and internally.

Sample update from Lightcatch App below