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Home Safety Training - Free

The tools and steps to improve your home security 500% or more.

A seven part email series for home owners who want to stop crimes on their property before it happens much better than the majority experience.

  • Eliminate the single biggest failure point with home safety today
  • How property crime and criminals have changed by a lot in the last 10 years
  • The most unused and misunderstood aspect of home and community safety that almost everyone misses.
  • Examples of how lasting, permanent changes took place.
  • The most important factor in getting the police, the laws, and the courts to work on your behalf.
  • Why getting more people involved makes home safety so much easier and how to do it.

Developed after analyzing thousands of property crimes from the proprietary Lightcatch database and hours of consultation with security experts, policing veterans, property owners, criminologists and more.  Case studies and insights shared in a way anyone can use.

- Darren, CEO & Founder

Lightcatch does not sell security cameras or security systems and this training is completely free.

It is meant to be for the benefit of improving everyone's home safety and builds on the information in the Best Home Security Camera Guide available on the Lightcatch website.

We see an opportunity where thousands more crimes should be stopped before they even happen every year.  

We also see the potential for most of the property crimes that do take place today to be resolved faster and to more people's satisfaction.  

The Home Safety Training Series is our way of building credibility with home owners, police services, and community minded people that Lightcatch has the best data, and the best free resources to help bring this vision for the future into the present.

This training may also be helpful for business owners who have physical property, Police Officers involved in crime prevention, Municipality staff involved in crime prevention, and concerned citizens who volunteer with crime prevention organizations.