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If something was stolen, and you want it recovered, this can help.

Sharing across social media may not be enough.....Social media gets about 5-20% success.  This means 8 out of 10 do not get anything back.
We use social media and the Lightcatch app to average a 57% success rate in many areas.  This resulted in over 260 recovered items, worth well over $2.5 million in recovered items in 2021.  We know what social media can do and where it fails.  
We created something better to help eliminate the guesswork when something of value is stolen.  
We found ways to get a message to people that they will pay attention to immediately.
  • Get an extra 200,000-600,000 people to see information about your stolen item in the next 24-72 hours.

    Most people ignore reports of stolen items, but they will help if we bring the right message to them. Right when the timing is the most critical, you can get their support.

  • Police level quality.   There is less than 5 seconds to get these people the right message.  You need level police quality in the message.  Our experience in communicating with the police and energizing the public is critical to craft the right message.
  • Coordinate information from this extensive network directly to the police.  You are copied with all pertinent updates without having to sort through hundreds of unhelpful comments.
  • $250 will be split among people who contributed.   The financial support helps give volunteers, crime watch groups and the public a little extra incentive to care and to do a thorough job.
  • Expand the reach to areas only locals to that region know about.  Some of our network have exclusive access to small groups who will only watch for information from their group.  You will have access.

Just like cockroaches that scatter after the lights are turned on, this service from Lightcatch turns up the heat on the criminals to the point where they feel extra pressure.  This extra pressure often leads them to make mistakes that will work to your advantage.  Sometimes the pressure leads them to abandon the stolen item altogether.  

3 Cases When To Do This

1) Replacement Insurance Won’t Cover the Real Bill

...Like our friends who will be out of pocket $30,000

A family friend lost a $50,000 holiday trailer the summer of 2021.  We didn’t know it was our friends, because an employee from the tire shop where it was stolen from, put up black and white video footage asking for help.

What the employee wrote, was a like a bad joke for how helpful it was.  There wasn’t even the colour of the trailer or the manufacturer in the information.  

We learned it was Shane’s trailer on a warm summer afternoon about 10 days after the crime had happened.  

The really sad part of this story is that it was insured for $20,000 but the contents and replacement value were now over $50,000.  One mistake, by one employee cost $30,000.

2) Items That Aren't Insured

...Like this family who lost over $100,000

Dealing with a stolen 5th wheel trailer was all new to this family and their friends.  They tried Lightcatch, they tried joining groups all over social media as so many people do.  

Despite their efforts it was found burnt to the ground just 80km away, five days later.  The route it would have taken would have passed by hundreds if not thousands of people who could have helped, if they had only known what to look for.

It wasn’t until afterwards I learned they had just switched insurers and the holiday trailer, worth over $100,000 wasn't covered on their new policy.

3) Special Items Costing Lost Revenue

...Like this mobile repair service who lost several days work during their peak season.

The owner of a mobile repair shop came to work to find their truck, and tools were stolen.  

Over 1 week later the truck was recovered but the tools were all gone.  

Replacement value was over $250,000.  The lost revenue from the 1 week delay, the time to source the special tools and more, add up to much more than $250,000.

Get it back in 2 weeks or get a partial refund

There is no guarantee we can get your items back, but if there is not closure regarding the stolen item within 2 weeks, you will be refunded $250.

Use the View product button below, enter your contact information, and we will reach out to you shortly afterwards to gather the   requirements and to confirm that this is a good service for you.

After 24 hours.....

Every minute counts when a crime happens.

While we wish it wasn’t this way, the truth is that after 24 hours this same process requires a great deal more time and money.  Waiting also gives criminals time to think.  Our preference is to intensify the panic criminals can feel and leverage their deeper fears.  Extra time works against those emotional levers we work to trigger.

If the stolen item is over 24 hours old you are not eligible for the Recover Service 24 and must sign up for the Recovery Service 48.