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Darren Boyer, February 11 2021

Calgarian makes wannabe gangster look stupid

Yesterday, a handful of people helped a person get their stolen truck and trailer back in Calgary. The trailer was parked right by a school, in plain sight, when someone spotted it. Then at 11:22am someone noticed a truck matching the description of the one that was stolen drive right by the parked trailer. Now it was clear the truck was in that area.

By 10pm the truck was recovered by Calgary Police Service.

Here is what the owner had to say.

Usually, the methheads and gangsters can make a living in a City like Calgary because everyone is so busy caring about themselves.   

Don’t let a desperate methhead who just needs the next $10 fix cost you a whole bunch of time and money. 

It’s easy to make wannabe gansters look stupid and ineffective if you are prepared in advance. The Crime Blocker is the best method to keep from being emberassed I’ve ever seen.  

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Written by

Darren Boyer

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