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Darren Boyer, February 10 2021

Chronic repeat criminals arrested in less than 8 hours

Three suspects wanted for numerous property crimes were arrested and 1 vehicle was seized within 8 hours of the alert being put on Lightcatch Monday Feb 8, 2021.  

As exciting as it was to see this come to closure so quickly there is something a little bit wrong with this situation.  Why would the public take days or weeks to report crimes like this when there is a technology that can stop them in minutes or hours?  The original alert said "Watch for this Black Dodge truck with unique features, possibly with flat deck trailer,  stealing property from rural locations in Yellowhead County and Parkland County, AB."

It's hard to say how many thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of losses these criminals caused before being arrested.  Property owners are the ones who are going to pay for all this waste through higher insurance premiums and higher taxes.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

Crime Blocker would likely have stopped this crime from recurring.  Rural property can be better protected with the practical steps in this guide.

These arrests were the result of some fantastic work by the RCMP with the support of the local community.  People came through to keep their community safer in a great way.  Let's hope there are enough support systems in place to keep this from happening much quicker the next time.  

If you haven't downloaded the free Lightcatch app links to both the iPhone and Anroid app are available on our home page.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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