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Darren Boyer, July 12 2022

Here’s The Perfect Solution While Away on Holidays

It’s too bad so many people are nervous about having to stay connected while away travelling.

Hopefully the family and I can enjoy some time by Lake Okanagan this summer. When I’m there don’t expect me to pick up my phone. I leave the phone back at the mother in law’s farm, when heading to the beach. Looks like it's already 26 there today. Nice!

I was just writing our customers about this subject: “I feel you are in a very exclusive club who have the freedom and peace of mind to leave your home over the summer, without any worries what might happen while away.

One of the reasons for my high level of confidence is that I see hundreds of crimes every month and I always compare those victims security to what we do for our customers.

The real confidence in being able to travel worry free comes down to having a working escalation list.

I want to review how the escalation list process works, because it is absolutely critical to leaving the house without a care in the world.

The escalation process comes down to this. If your alarm system is armed, the 24/7 monitoring company needs to be able to reach someone immediately.

If you are on the lake, in the mountains or in Tahiti, it may be almost impossible to reach you or your spouse. So there needs to be at least three to five people who the monitoring service could also reach day or night.

If any of your escalation list contacts get a phone call from the alarm monitoring company, they need to be able to view your security cameras in under 5 minutes.

How do we make sure those five people can view and operate your security camera’s immediately, even if they have never done it before? All your escalation list needs to remember at that point, is to look up in the contacts of their phone a number we’ve helped them save and to call it. That contact name is always Emergency (first name) Lightcatch (Last Name).

If the people on your Escalation List call this Emergency Number anytime, 24/7, we have screenshots and step by step instructions on file regarding how they can view camera footage on YOUR security camera system.

It is our job delivering the Crime Blocker service, to ensure people on your escalation list can operate your vendor’s security cameras, even when we have no access to the cameras. We are also responsible to help them share it to Lightcatch and to contact 911 on your behalf.

Why don’t we just let people connect us directly to their security cameras? In talking to home owners one thing that came out loud and clear was that giving ANY outsider the ability to view someone’s private security camera’s can feel creepy.

So we never cross that line of having access to anyone’s camera’s, ever. The escalation list is family, friends, or trusted neighbours. You can give them access just while away, and or keep them on the list if they can be trusted. These people also know better, who and what belong on your property, than anyone else.

These systems work so well together, I truly believe wherever your summer plans take you, Crime Blocker gives you the freedom to leave the phone disconnected and to just live in the moment.”

If having that kind of freedom is something needed for your home, learn more here.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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