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Darren Boyer, July 6 2022

Which Regions and Places of Alberta Had The Highest Crime in June?

Alberta is often divided into eight regions. Here is a list of the highest crime locations in each region. We’ll move through each region the charts below. 

The pink, yellow and green lines indicate crime levels that are really bad. 

Eastern Alberta – Highest Crime Rates in the Province

The highest crime is not in rural areas, nor in the big cities. Eastern Alberta towns have by far the most crime on a per resident basis.

Places tracked that didn’t make the top six were Lac La Biche County, Athabasca County, Athabasca, Lamont County, and Bruderheim. 

 For some reason the RCMP data provided for Lloydminister is completely corrupted in May and June. I have no idea where Lloydminister residents stand in regards to the crime rate.

Edmonton Region – Highest Urban Crime

Unexpectedly, crime rose in Edmonton to really high levels.

I kept wondering if there was some problem with the Edmonton Police Service Data or the way we collecting and measuring the data. In the end, I’m really confident the crime rate in Edmonton was bad in June 2022. 

The reason for my confidence is seeing how high the crimes rates jumped in Leduc, Wetaskawin, and Leduc County. Those are regions that are all very close to Edmonton, and this data is provided by the RCMP and not the Edmonton Police Service. With both police services confirming a jump to very high levels, the data appears to be very accurate.

Calgary Region

Calgary crime data from Calgary Police Service is only available from April. The Crime rate currently may be higher. Judging by the crime rates in nearby communities I would guess the rate hasn’t jumped up significantly as the crime in nearby areas hasn’t risen significantly between May and June.

Places tracked that didn’t make the top six were Foothills County, Black Diamond, Okotoks, and High River.

Central Alberta

Locations in central Alberta closest to Edmonton led the way in June. Here are the six locations with the highest crime rate.

Here are the next six highest crime locations in central Alberta.

Places tracked that didn’t make the top twelve are listed here. These are in order of their June crime rate. Red Deer County, Lac Ste. Anne County, Sturgeon County, Ponoka County, Beaumont, Westlock County, Lacombe County, Penhold, Brazeau County, Clearwater County, Bowden, Camrose County, Morinville, Didsbury, Blackfalds, and Bashaw.

Grande Prairie – Peace River Area

Places tracked that didn’t make the top six listed in order of their crime rates were Wembley, Peace River, Sexsmith, and the MD of Greenview.

Alberta Rockies

Southern Alberta – Badlands

The safest place in Alberta is the southern part of the province. People in other areas would be amazed how much less crime there is in these regions. Here are the six locations with the highest crime rates. Notice how the worst areas barely reach the green bar indicating a high rural crime location. Yet these places are towns and cities.

Places tracked that didn’t make the top six listed in order of their crime rates are County of Forty Mile and Newell County.

Peace of Mind

Higher crime rates over the summer combined with people’s travel plans, can leave your property needlessly exposed and vulnerable to be targeted.

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After studying about 10,000 property crimes it became very clear that a home can be secure from property crime, if they have the right information.  

Explanations About the Data

There are over 300 Municipalities in Alberta counting Villages and Reserves. We currently track about 100 Municipalities spread out across the seven common regions of the province.

Crime rates are calculated using a per 1,000 resident basis. Edmonton recorded 5093 property crimes, Calgary recorded 4011 in the most recent data available of April, and the rest of the province recorded 4454 actual property crimes in June.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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