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Darren Boyer, July 5 2022

The Most Dangerous Cities in Alberta During June 2022

Here are the six Cities with the highest crime rates in Alberta right now.

Westaskawin had the highest crime rate with over 8 crimes per 1,000 residents. Edmonton had the second highest crime rate in the province for a City, rising to over 5 crimes per 1,000 residents. Both of these cities are significantly over the high crime level of 4.00 marked in yellow.

These charts are based on RCMP, Edmonton Police Service, and Calgary Police Service data.  

Places With The Highest Crime

Even higher crime rates tend to be in towns across the province than in cities. Unfortunately, the residents of Bonnyville Alberta have lived with one of the highest crime rates, if not the highest crime rate in the entire province, over the last three months. See previous posts to show how Bonnyville has led the province April, May and June.

What is the Trend?

For most of Albertans the increase in property crime during the summer has arrived. The Trend for every major City that reports crime data, is either up or about the same from May. Edmonton and Grande Prairie dealt with some of the biggest increases in the local crime rate in June. Calgary may be dealing with a similar increase in crime, but the most recently available data is from April.

Other Locations

Data about the crime rates in the regions of Alberta as well as more cities, towns, and rural locations will be released soon.  

Last month someone wrote and asked about Slave Lake.  This month we were able to include it's standing in our research.

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Explanations About the Data

There are over 300 Municipalities in Alberta counting Villages and Reserves. We currently track about 150 Municipalities spread out across the seven common regions of the province.

The Calgary Police Service data is available via pdf. Below is an example of how the crime rate for Calgary is recorded. We remove counts of Fraud and add in counts of Robbery at a Commercial Location. In Calgary’s case the total count for April was 4,380. There were 397 cases of Fraud and 28 cases of Robbery at a Commercial location. The final number was 4011 or 4380-397+28=4011.


Written by

Darren Boyer

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