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Stop Crime Before It Happens

Our mobile phones tell us more about the weather, than possible crimes nearby.

Lightcatch logo in image one, crime location and suspect vehicle in image 2, succesful arrest and theft recovery in image three

Dangers to our safety or property should reach us before it is too late.

Lives are at stake.

Everyone can be a witness.

If they can see new locations and new evidence, results will be faster.

Everyone nearby knowing exactly where to look and how to help.

No mistaken directions, no questions where the last sighting was.

The police can get many confirmations, from hundreds of extra eyes.

Stop crime before it happens, better.

Lightcatch is a free app where everyone can help.

Anonymous and safe to use.

Proven effective in hundreds of cases.

The communities that use Lightcatch to help stop crime before it happens, have lower crime rates per resident.

Triaged by a Canadian based team to ensure it is legally compliant and respectful to everyone.

Used for crime prevention, theft recovery, road safety, and dangers to the public.

This is so much better than being alone and hoping.

Lightcatch app sample showing original crime update and second community update for suspects location.  Also shows how both locations reach a new group of crowdsourced users nearby to help with community policing.

For People.  Free.

At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch?"

The app was designed to be used less than 5 minutes per week on average.

This low amount of usage means there is no value in delivering ads or re-selling data.  

For people, Lighcatch is free.  

It is supported financially by home and business owners who use Crime Blocker to improve the results they get from Lightcatch.

Just click one of the buttons below and go through the setup to get started.

Several people anonymously and safely contributed to community policing in this suspicious activity report.

For Best Results

To stop crime before it happens with the best possible results create an alert with good colour video, clear images of the suspect, a clear respectful description of what is needed and what to look for, and call the police.

The better the quality you’ve made the alert, the more likely the public will support it.

Once that is done, the public has an amazing accuracy of confirming if what you alerted is a real threat or not.  
If multiple people quickly confirm this is not a threat or risk, you or the triage team will delete the post.  

You should then update the police that the issue appears to be clarified by the public.

If the activity is confirmed as suspicious by several witnesses, those updates should be forwarded to the police.  The faster the better.  

If a crime or potential crime is unfolding, do not hesitate to call 911.  

If anyone tries to confuse the system with misinformation, their inputs will quickly be deleted and their usage blocked by the Operations team 24/7.  

This kind of usage is normally pretty easy to spot.  Behind the scenes our Operations Team can see who is making the anonymous reports, how long they have had the app, how truthful they’ve been in the past, and more.  Blocking someone is a couple clicks once a decision has been made.

Speed is the most important factor when creating an alert.  After it is created, you can go back and edit the alert to add in the best description possible.  

If you want to add more images or video add them as an update and they will automatically get added to the image gallery.

Updates showing each time police have been contacted will improve results further.


Jackie's Stolen Truck Recovered

I started my truck at 6:31, at 6:34 it was gone.  I called the RCMP right away..... My one neighbour told me about this app....Within 1/2 of a day I started receiving messages from people.....

Alyssa's Story

So many people started telling me about this app Lightcatch. ....I downloaded it, it's free, it's so easy to use and it's insane how kind everybody was on there.