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Darren Boyer, November 24 2021

$2000 Federal Credit for Farm Security

Albertan Farmers qualify for a $2000 Federal rebate program to help with upgrading security technology at your farm.  Here is the link for this program. https://cap.alberta.ca/CAP/program/PRGM_NAME_3?  It seems other provinces have different initiatives and a similar program may not be available.

The feedback I've received from applicants is the application process was simple and some have already received their rebate.**

This is a good program, and I'd recommend everyone take advantage of it as soon as you can. These programs are ran by budgets and when the money is gone, the program is over.

This program, as good as it is, will not stop rural crime the way it was intended to stop it.    Here are two problems that will still exist unless you are careful.

Less than 1 in 20 rural homes are able to report a theft in under 1 hour.

Less than 1 in 200 have a security camera that records useful footage of the suspect or the crime.

No one ever thinks they will be the ones who report a crime late or that their security system will not have worked properly, but this is the norm. Farm thefts are reported on average 12 hours late.  Having good video from a farm security system is not quite as rare as spotting an albino moose but its in that territory.

Giving a criminal a 12 hour head start before reporting a crime on your property virtually assures they will get away without an arrest. It also greatly reduces the likelihood what is stolen will be recovered.  What can seem like a rock solid plan using a highly rated security system, can be filled with all sorts of holes in the real world.

I'd like to help prevent your home from having a security system that doesn't work right.  Done right, farms, are especially easy properties to have a crime stopped before it even happens. 

To help homeowners from getting hit by criminals over the holidays, we still have a few pre-Christmas discounts for the Homeowner Protection Plans available. This promotional link gives gives $250 off the service.  

**The one pre-requisite to qualify is you must have a farm income of at least $25,000.  An Environmental Farm Plan Application must also be started for the farm applying.  One farmer suggested this is 6-8 hours work and often someone with the local County office can help complete this application.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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