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Darren Boyer, May 23 2023

Edmonton Crime Rate Safety Guide For Homeowners

The Edmonton crime rate has risen to be one of the highest per capita for the province of Alberta in 2023.

This is a short guide showing proven methods of how homeowners can stop crimes before they happen and get back to the safer streets and homes the way they used to be.

Just a short time ago, the Calgary crime rate was much higher than Edmonton for 2022 and 2021 on a per capita basis. Today, things have changed and not only does Calgary have a lower crime rate, but also the cities, towns, reserves, and counties around Calgary have a crime rate lower than the region around Edmonton.

Edmonton Crime Map – The Best

The crime map for Edmonton is the best in the province. However, as good as a crime map may be, it does not keep homeowners safe. Crime maps only show crimes after they have happened.

This crime map below for Parkland County includes information supplied by residents who are working together to stop crimes before they happen. (The map was only designed for desktop usage. A mobile friendly solution is shown later)

Is Edmonton dangerous?  

Regardless if Edmonton has become a more dangerous city or not there are steps any home owner or resident can take.  

When all of these steps are put together they create over 1000% improvements in home safety.

Security Systems Are Isolated

This isolation also makes stopping crimes before they happen random and disjointed.

The public nearby has no way of knowing or helping.

Slow moving information cripples the police.

How Crime Can Be Stopped Before It Happens Better

Our mobile phones tell us more about the weather, than possible crimes nearby.

Dangers to our safety or property should reach us before it is too late.

Using our mobile phones, everyone can be a witness.

If they can see new locations and new evidence, results will be even faster.

The police can get many confirmations, from hundreds of extra eyes.

If everything that is visible is legal and respectful, every part of the system is more accountable.

There is social pressure on police services, lawyers, judges, and even the suspects social circle, to care.

Think avalanche, not snowball.

For People. Free.

Lightcatch is a free app where everyone can help at lightspeed.

Anonymous and safe to use.

Proven effective in hundreds of cases.

Triaged by a Canadian based team to ensure it is legally compliant and respectful to everyone.

This is so much better than being alone and hoping.

Learn More.

For Property.

Developed after watching hundreds of frustrated property crime victims end up with nothing.

Crime Blocker solves every problem homeowners have with property security using a completely new approach.

So simple to use, we do not expect anyone to remember how anything works, or what they are supposed to do.

We make money when your home or business is free from property crime, not when you buy more stuff.


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Alberta Crime Rate

The areas that consistently use Lightcatch technologies to stop crime before it happens, have some of the lowest crime rates in the Alberta. Parkland County is good example of this.

Another example is the County of Grande Prairie. The County has publicly supported the use of Lightcatch as a free crime prevention tool to residents the last 24 months. Over that period the crime rate per capita for the County of Grande Prairie has been some of the lowest among peer regions in the province.

This example from April 2023 showing the crime rate of the County of Grande Prairie and the crime rate of other regions nearby highlights the difference that is possible.

Cities with high crime rates can benefit the most from this technology as their crime rates are the highest.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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