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Darren Boyer, April 20 2022

Examples of Safer Property Using Deterrence

Our data shows a safer community almost always creates more suspicious alerts or warnings before a crime happens than alerts that are made regarding actual crimes after they happen.

Here are some examples of how people did this effectively over the two weeks  April 1 - April 14, 2022

 App users would have instantly seen how close this suspicious person an a bike is to their current location with the Lightcatch app.

Everyone in the region can help update the police with a new location while the police are enroute to Northville in this example.

Every tenant could now be alerted of a possible criminal who has access to their building.

Anyone who has had random break ins, catalytic convertor theft, or body damage in a parking lot before can appreciate this alert about a truck possibly scoping out vehicles.

Suspect was likely trying to steal a vehicle but his cover was a scooter he was using to get there with. Now everyone in community can see where guy with scooter may be putting people's property at risk.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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